Thursday, December 30, 2010

First Memory

I was supposed to have posted this for the Madhouse yesterday, but we're still in "vacation" mode around here, so nothing is on schedule.

The topic of a first memory is interesting to me, as I have a really keen sense of remembering things.

I was adopted at 2 months old, and no, I do not remember that. Even though I now have met my biological mother and she has filled in the blanks for me, I have no recollection of April 22, 1968 and June 11, 1968. I know what I know by snippets passed down from my mom and dad (who adopted me) and from the other side of the fence: what happened prior to and immediately after my birth from my biological mom. I think that's really cool.

I have several kind of first memories tied to when I was about 2 or so. I remember the house in Alabama we lived in.

My dad was an engineer for the Federal Highway Administration and mom quit her job as a secretary a week before I was legally adopted and brought home. Part of the agreement at the time of my adoption was that one parent had to stay home until I was at least two years old.

Let me tell you, my mom never returned to the working world after this precious bundle was in the hizz-ouse. :-) Why would she? She called my dad her "Sugar Daddy" and he provided us all with a very comfy life.

Like many Southern families, we had an African American maid. Her name was Annette James and we all loved her. She and her husband didn't have a vehicle, so if she missed the bus, my dad would drive to pick her up or drop her off, depending on if if was the beginning of her shift or the end. She did laundry, cooking, cleaning and cared for me, even though mom was home all day.

We belonged to a country club because Dad liked to golf (he golfed until almost his last days), but there was a pool at the club and I learned to swim before I was 2 years old.

When I was 2, my mom also had a hysterectomy. Back then, people were in the hospital for days recovering from a surgery like that, so Miss Annette was at our house more than usual. I remember one day, she brought her grandson. He was a year or two older than me and normally, we would not have been allowed to play together - Dad had to work and Mom was in the hospital, so play we did and I recall having a fun day with my new friend.

Dad took me to the hospital to see Mom. We stopped by Morrison's Cafeteria for lunch. I remember seeing ladies smiling at me. It wasn't until we got to the hospital that I knew WHY they were smiling. Apparently, Miss Annette had the day off, so Dad dressed me. In a sweet dress with the buttons going down the FRONT.

When Mom saw me, she said, "Bill, you have her dress on backwards!" There were laughs all around - I didn't get it at the time. I was just happy to see my mum.

I even vaguely remember the pattern on the dress. It was cotton, so it must have been a warm time of the year. I also remember the hospital room, even though there are no photos of the room or the dress.

A year and a half later, my parents adopted a boy (my "brother") and shortly thereafter, we moved to Georgia for Dad's promotion. We left behind our cousins (who we visited regularly) and Miss Annette (who we never saw again). The only picture we have of her is holding my "brother" and it's only her arm in the photo.

I wish I knew the rest of the story from that point on.


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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Another Day In The Life

Hello, hooligans. It's Tuesday and we're still on "vacation". I'm starting to get a little nutty about stuff.

First, after we had put the lights on the tree (following testing them all), there was a strand that was only PARTIALLY working. So, that strand is getting the heave-ho. THEN, I woke up this morning to find that Bella the Cat had chewed thru another strand, so that one, too, has to be trashed. Hopefully I can find some lights on discount for next year.

However, that means I have to leave the comfy enclave of my warm house. Not looking forward to that.

I've noticed lately that I have bizarre auditory and other sensory hallucinations in the morning.

I am not a morning person, but I wake up fairly early - between 4 am and 5:30 am, because my bladder is rebelling and needs to GET THE PEE OUT. I swear, I was given a hamster bladder at birth.

So, I get up, go potty and then spend the rest of the morning rolling around in bed, in and out of brief sleep mode and trying to crack my back. It's all very exciting.

Back in the summer, in my half sleep/wake times, I would start to hear things. Like, the doorbell ringing or the phone. For the first 2 or 3 times, I actually got out of bed and found no one had phoned and there was no one at the door. Now, if I hear the doorbell, I wait for a 2nd ring, otherwise, I assume it's another of my auditory/dream induced hallucinations.

Lately, I've been experiencing tactile hallucinations. In my semi-sleep/wake mode, I have the feeling that something needs to be picked up or petted or whatever and when I open my eyes, they ain't nothing there. I find myself reaching for nothing!

It's very disconcerting. I think I ate too much acid in college. But, that's what makes me interesting! :-)

Have a good Tuesday, hooligans!


Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Merry

I hope you all had some wonderful holiday weekend fun! Did ya notice I took a li'l break there? No? Oh, well.

I was too busy watching the weather and wrapping up the final little details of Santa's visit.

Last week, I skipped the Wednesday Madhouse topic because I was too preoccupied with getting everything finished in time and consumed with anxiety.

The topic was Grace and I've been thinking about that lately. If Buddy had been a girl, his name would be Grace - at that time, it was a name that wasn't heard very often. But, in the 8 years since he was born, it made a comeback and became very popular. So, that knocked it off our short list for Sissy. It's still a lovely name, though.

I like hearing the name Grace. It reminds me of my Nana (who wasn't really my Nana - she was my aunt by marriage mother). But, her and Pops always treated me like a grandchild. They were both immensely talented. I always loved spending time in their home art studio. The smell of the paints, the pottery being fired in the kiln, everything was magical. They allowed me to create anything I wanted and always praised it (even if my clay creations and painted flowers looked like junk).

I think it's important for children to have encouragement to create - whether it's coloring, painting, making Play-Doh sculptures or whatever. The Evil Twin is very artistic and he praises both Buddy and Sissy for whatever attempt they make. Buddy has learned a lot from the Evil Twin and is becoming more and more proficient with his drawings. Sissy is amazingly talented for a not yet 5 year old (and I'm not just bragging because I'm biased LOL).

So, there are my thoughts on Grace. I miss you, Nana. <3 Happy Monday, hooligans! Love,

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Post Christmas Update

I haven't been online much for the past few days. I had SO much to do. Remarkably, I was able to finish up all my "to do" items and Christmas was a hit.

Sissy got the pink DSi she has been coveting for a while and Buddy was loaded up on video games and gift cards. He received over $100 worth of assorted gift cards and cash. Sissy also received an assortment of Zhu Zhu pets. They're really cute and I think Bella likes them too (they scoot all around the floor - very fascinating for a kitten).

Santa even left Bella a few real cat toys, which she has enjoyed immensely. She certainly needs the exercise of playing, otherwise, she'll be shopping at the Hefty Hideaway before too long (The Hefty Hideaway is the name of a store that caters to the "plump" girls in John Waters' film "Hairspray").

I had feared we hadn't done enough for the kids, but ya know what? It turned out to be the perfect holiday. Not over the top and not too little. Awesome!

Santa brought the "Toy Story 3" DVD for Sissy. She and the Evil Twin had seen it in the theatre, but Buddy and I had not. So, after everything wound down, we watched the movie. Honestly, I had my doubts on whether #3 could be equally as entertaining as #1 and #2, but I completely underestimated Pixar. It was really, really sweet and funny.

Now, onto enjoy my lazy Sunday with the fam! Happy Sunday, hooligans!


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Pre-Holiday Blues?

Is there such a thing? I woke up this morning feeling anxious, tired and depressed. Overwhelmed really.

I had a stack of unopened Christmas cards next to my computer. I half heartedly opened them. Smiled at the pictures and then went back to my blah mood.

The kids are constantly sniping at each other. Buddy is like me and relishes quiet time. Sissy is more like the Evil Twin and talks non-stop. It doesn't take a huge stretch of imagination to know that situation is like oil and water. Over the years, I've developed the skill to block noises out. Buddy has not learned that trick yet.

I don't want to make the traditional Christmas meal. I can't think of anything I'd like to eat, actually - I'm a stress non-eater.

I feel like we didn't do enough for the kids this year, but we're financially teetering right now. We bought them the "normal" amount of gifts as in past years, but it just doesn't seem good enough. I'll perk up on Christmas morning when they open their gifts, I know. They'll be pleased.

I have to go grocery shopping and I really, really do not like crowds, but I HAVE to go if we want food to eat the next few days.

I didn't even check the Wednesday Madhouse topic - I wanted to piss and moan and get all this off my mind. Sorry to be a Debbie Downer.

I hope you hooligans are having a better Wednesday than I am! :-)


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A New Cat Toy

We hauled the (artificial) tree out over the weekend and began setting it up. We put some lights and some beaded garland on and are slowly getting ornaments on it.

Well, a certain little kitty is fascinated by the whole ordeal. We have to move the bird cage around to the other side of the wall - we put the tree in that corner near the fireplace. So, I'm not sure if Bella thinks they're new birds to mess with or just the relocation has her interest up because she has been bugging them more lately too.

She has already pulled down a bit of garland and has been seen sitting up inside the tree! I thought I was being clever by not putting ornaments on the lower branches, but it seems like she is smarter than me and will just climb up in the tree to play with all the pretty, pretty new "cat toys".

I've been collecting Hallmark and other ornaments since 1993. I have a metric boatload of them:

Yes, all three boxes are loaded to the gills with ornaments and other holiday cheer (tree skirt, stockings, hangers, etc.) The tree is not nearly finished. I promised Sissy that I would wait until she is home from preschool today to hang more stuff because she wants to "help".

Many of my ornaments "do" things, like play music or light up. I have a little elf whose tummy is like a magic 8 ball. You can shake him and get your Christmas questions answered. Let me tell you, Sissy's grubby booger hooks are all over those "magic" ornaments. At least that keeps her attention away from my glass ones.

In all these years, I've only lost one ornament and that was on a real tree that was not properly set in the stand (not naming names here, but the initials are TET) and it was one of my black bulb ornaments (yes, black - I don't do cheery). Oh! And one other ornament - a porcelain one - Hallmark, no less and I bought it on the secondary market (meaning, they don't make that one anymore). The Evil Twin thought it would be nice to display it on top of the TV. Guess which ornament got knocked off the TV? Hmmmmm. He found another one and replaced it. :-) To this day, I don't take that one out of the box.

It's been a weird season for me this year. I just can't seem to get "in the mood" for Christmas (Baby Jesus, I have a headache! <--- I'm going straight to hell for saying that). I remember one year, when Buddy was small. We were overwhelmed, but planned on buying a real tree. In anticipation, I laid a towel on the floor, so if water spilled out of the stand, it wouldn't ruin my carpet. Well, that towel was as far as we got. We called it "The Christmas Towel" and put the gifts on it and just went with it. I kinda wanted to do that this year, only use the tree skirt. The Evil Twin wouldn't hear of it. "The kids want to see the Christmas tree!" Alright, overgrown elf. I do care if the kids are happy, but I knew it would be almost impossible to keep a (now) fat kitten away from it. She's already been chewing on the presents we have (from relatives, I haven't wrapped a damn thing) so I had to put a towel over those (again with the Christmas Towel! What is my scoop?) just to keep her from gnawing at the bows and paper. It's really quiet here. Buddy and Sissy are at school and the Evil Twin is out shopping for stocking gifts - I know he digs buying the candy and little trinkets. And, I'm here, all by my lonesome. I should probably get in the shower before the BO police get tipped off that I'm a mess. ;-) Happy Tuesday, hooligans! Love,

Friday, December 17, 2010

It's All Good

Yesterday, it snowed and snowed and snowed some more. There was no school. There was no way the Evil Twin was getting down our driveway and onto the main road. Seriously, the snow plow came up our road no less than 4 times and within minutes of them moving on, the road was covered again.

When the snow finally stopped (or trickled off a bit), the Evil Twin went out with his snow blower. Our next door neighbor joined him with a shovel. They cleared off 4 driveways and the last little part of our dead end street that the plow never reaches. I went out and sprinkled road salt.

Buddy and Sissy had a great time playing out in the snow, even though it was too powdery to really make snowballs. When they came back inside, all wet and cold, they changed clothes and I made them hot chocolate with marshmallows AND whipped cream topping! Mom of the year over here, yo!

I'm not real good at remembering to feed them, but I will load them up with sugary products. They seem to appreciate that. At least I do make them brush their teeth on a regular basis.

Today marks the last work day for the Evil Twin before he has 16 days of leave for the holidays. Wish us luck to make it to our 18th anniversary in October 2011.

Well, my phone is a beeping at me. It must be something. Then, I need to get my day started. Yes, it's almost 10am and I'm still in my PJs, what of it?? I said I was smart, I never claimed to be motivated. Sheesh!

Love ya, hooligans. I have an extra special Christmas post for next week. Kinda my way of saying "Thanks" for sticking with me and being regulars. :-)

Happy FRIDAY!! <3


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Manual Dexterity

This week's topic for The Madhouse is manual dexterity. Phew - talk about a tough one!

I've never been graceful or patient or gentle. My mom used to say I was like a "bull in a china shop". They sent me to Charm Schools. Several of them,, in fact. I learned a lot about make-up and how to avoid spider veins on my legs, but being a delicate little flower never really worked for me.

I can knit, but I'm not even remotely as talented as our fearless leader, Kate. I can't get the hang of the more complicated stitches or the stuff that requires lots of patience.

I'm more of a "Point A to Point B" person. Get it started, get it finished and move on to the next task/activity/chore whatever.

I can type very well, despite the fact that I spent the entire time of my 8th grade year in typing class (that term or semester...) in a cast on my left arm that had my arm at a 90 degree angle over the elbow - I could not use my left hand to type. So, for the longest time, I typed quite proficiently with just my right hand.

Spending 5 years in college (yes, I'm a loser) getting a degree in Journalism, I became much better at using BOTH hands to type. And that is how I ended up turning my very expensive college education into a career as a secretary. (not that there's anything wrong with that - the world needs us secretarial types).

My poor, beleaguered mother wanted her children to be well-rounded. I was tossed into piano lessons. I never got past the "Big Note" music books. In FIVE years. Can you say "Waste of time and money?". I can. My younger brother (no biological relation to me, as we were both adopted) can play almost any instrument by ear.

So, I compensate for what I can't do with my hands with what I can do with my brain. Oh sure, I can fold a fitted sheet so it appears to be a flat sheet, but that's just a part of my daily job as the CEO of this family - or, if you prefer, the HO™ - which is the Home Office. The HO™ does most of the grunt work around these parts, so for me to be dainty isn't in the job description.

I don't mind. I can sneak in a nap or two during most days! ;-)

Happy Wednesday, hooligans!


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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Willy Wonka

The school district called another 2 hour delay, which means Sissy doesn't have preschool again today. So, we are snuggling in and watching Willy Wonka (the original one with Gene Wilder). In my mind, Gene will always be THE Willy Wonka. It's like watching the film, Romeo and Juliet, directed by Franco Zeffirelli, then having to watch the same movie with Leo DiCaprio (which, in all honesty, I haven't seen it - I could smell the stench vapors coming from the trailer on TV).

I've probably seen this movie 100 times or more and if I ever see it on, I'll sit down and watch it again.

The thing is: with each viewing, I notice something I hadn't noticed before.

Do you have any movies like that? Off the top of my head, I can list this one and Coal Miner's Daughter, with Sissy Spacek. There's just something about that movie that gets me every time. And, I do love Loretta Lynn.

The Evil Twin's big draw - even though he thinks it's stupid - is Grease, and I'm sure a few others he could watch over and over again.

And with that, I bid you a good day, Sir!

Happy Tuesday, hooligans!


Monday, December 13, 2010

First Official Snow Day

When I heard we were going to get some bad weather on Sunday night, I had a feeling that it would be enough to cancel classes for the day.

First, it was a 2 hour delay, which would mean Sissy would not have preschool, and which meant I could sleep a little bit longer. Fine with me.

Then, we got word that the County schools were closed for the day. Sissy slept until 8:45! And Buddy got up around 9:45! I asked him why he was up before noon. LOL. He said he wanted to make the most of his snow day.

I'm going to make the most of his snow day by having him help me put laundry away! Mwahahaha! Hey, he's old enough to pay his dues around here. Sissy might even want to get in on the action!

Yesterday evening, we had some plumbing excitement. Water was backing up in the basement and it turns out we have a blockage way down in the line (like think some where around the middle of the yard). The plumber was able to loosen it and then they'll be back with a camera to identify the exact location, dig and repair. For now, though, we CAN use the water.

It's always something right before the holidays. Usually, it's vehicle related, so I guess we were due for house related.

Oh well, stuff happens, huh? We just have to keep going....

I hope you're having a great Monday, hooligans - and, if you're snowed in like us, keeping warm!


Friday, December 10, 2010

The Yearly Trek

We have our yearly visit to Tamarack scheduled for tomorrow. We meet up with 2 of my aunts, one uncle (we lost Uncle John in February) and my cousin. We have lunch and see Santa.

Typically, the weather turns awful right before our fun day is planned. Fingers crossed we'll wake up to NO SNOW in the morning and will be able to make the trip on down the road.

We're not gone for long - it's pretty much: eat lunch, window shop (cause we can't afford anything there, except maybe a new piece of FiestaWare) and then make the 45 minute drive back home. So, don't anyone plan to rob us - we do have security! ;-)

This has been a tradition for my dad's side of the family for many years. First, it was my mom and dad, the Evil Twin, Buddy, me, my aunt & uncle and cousin from Lewisburg, and my aunt and uncle from Winston-Salem, NC. There was a bunch of us.

Then, my dad died. Then, my mom. A few years later, my Uncle John (Lewisburg). We DID add a member - Sissy - but our numbers still dwindle.

In light of yesterday's post, where I felt kept in the dark about knowing things, I'll post this video. It's short, but funny. The Evil Twin and I crack up every time it's on:


And, Happy Friday, hooligans!


Thursday, December 9, 2010

This Week Sucks

And, it has felt really long, too! Yesterday, there was no preschool because the older kids' schools were on an "early dismissal" schedule, only no one bothered to tell me that. If the bigger kids have an early out, there is no preschool.

It was not listed on the lunch menu as it normally is, so I had no clue. I got Sissy ready for pre-K and in the freezing cold took her to her school. Only no one was out front. I went in the school and was told "No preschool today!"....There was no preschool on Tuesday either, due to the 2 hour delay for the weather. Two days of Sissy and I is a bit much for me.

Don't get me wrong, I love the children with all my heart, but even Momma needs a break sometimes. We call Sissy "Chatty Cathy", since she talks almost nonstop. I love it, she's adorable and she says the funniest things. However, the funny starts to run a bit thin after several hours of it. My brain starts to atrophy and I just can't take it anymore.

I decided to wait until the Evil Twin got home to hit the Mart. I just wanted to go by myself. Of course, it was a shopping nightmare and took forever, but I "got 'er done". LOL.

I did NOT see a sign like this at the Mart:

I guess we don't have many Jewish people in this area, but STILL! OMGosh!

Ok, enough with the funny...I have to get ready to take Sissy to preschool in a bit (IF she has it... - that's another topic for another day, trust me). So, you hooligans are on your own to have a Happy Thursday!


PS. I noticed that the links for the Madhouse thing are all jacked up and I've spent the morning trying to correct them. I don't know what happened. Still looking into it. Sorry 'bout that, but I WILL correct it as soon as I can. Love y'all!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Holiday Bonus

And this is post 1,000 for me! I'm participating in the Madhouse, hosted by our lovely and smart Kate at One More Thing.

When I had an actual J.O.B., before Buddy was born, I received generous holiday bonuses and gifts from my employer. The Evil Twin works for the government and has never received any bonus, much less a raise in years.

I guess our holiday bonus this year will be, once again, seeing the joy in our childrens' faces when they open their gifts.

And, we do not go overboard. Since Buddy was a little dude (and when my parents were alive and always believed in sparing the rod and spoiling the child), things were just out of hand. We felt one child could only play with so many toys in a time period. So, we came up with the idea of 2 gifts from Mom & Dad (that's us), 2 from Grandma and Grandpa and 2 from Santa. After my parents passed away, we changed it to 3 gifts from Mom and Dad and 3 from Santa. Even Sissy knows the routine now.

Our children are far from deprived. They receive nice gifts from us and Santa, and they also receive numerous gifts from extended family members. The amount of "stuff" they get is still sinful, but not completely overboard.

I figure this saves us money, and cuts down on the overall clutter in the house.

The Evil Twin and I do not exchange gifts. We feel like, throughout the year, we treat ourselves to little gifties all year long. This time of year is for the children.

I have the best time shopping for the stocking stuffers. I think the kids like the stockings almost more than they like the other gifts. It's so cute.

I love, love, love seeing their excited faces when they look under the tree.

And, that's my holiday bonus these days. :-)

Happy Wednesday, hooligans and be sure to check out the other participants in the Madhouse.


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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

This Would be 1,000

But, I didn't post yesterday, so this is only 999. I just couldn't get motivated yesterday.

I get in a funk when the weather starts turning bad and we've had quite a bit of snow the last few days -  unusual for this early in December. Maybe if we get it out of the way this early, March will actually be nice.

Oh, who am I kidding? We've got months of crap weather ahead.

The county called a 2 hour delay this morning, so that means no preschool. Which, in turn, means Sissy and I are still hanging around in our PJs at 10AM.  Why rush around if I don't have to? That's my personal philosophy.

The upside to colder weather is that Bella has become even more snuggly. She has always slept with me and the Evil Twin, but now, she's sidling up even closer - sometimes even under the covers. And she is soft and warm and I can feel her (and hear her) purring like a motor boat. So cute. This will be Bella Bug's first Christmas and I dread putting the tree up. She's very curious and a little on the mean side when she gets a wild hair.

But, we really need to get that tree up if I'm going to have pictures of the kids (you all know you love that junk) in front of the tree for cards this year. We have a really long last name and I get cramps writing their names on the backs of the photos, even though they both have really short names (like 4 letters and 3 letters) - and that was totally on purpose. We wanted short  first names that couldn't be turned into nicknames, were unusual, but not "made up". I scoured the obituaries. LOL.

Hell, it's not like I send cards to strangers. I should just write their first names and ages! Whoever gets the card should either A. Be related to us or B. Already know our last name. amirite?

Time for me to get my rear in gear and do something with the day. Happy Tuesday, hooligans!


Friday, December 3, 2010

A Very Special Friday

It's been a while since I've received any Friday secrets or mystery pics, but this week? Hello? I hit the freaking motherload.

Check THIS out (it's actually SFW, even if you might not believe it at first glimpse).

 How's that for the sexay? Hmmmm? Scroll down for the uncropped original photo.


I love a big man and I love a hairy man and I love a man with a twisted sense of humor. Doesn't the 1st picture look like a hoo-ha? That's what had me ROFL in the first place.

I love my readers, I really do. Y'all are the best.

Happy Friday, hooligans!


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Shopping is Painful

I have not made it a state secret that the Evil Twin and I (well, mostly me, since I pay all the bills, do the shopping, etc, but it's with the money he earns at his job, so I try to be veeerrry conservative with the bank account) are trying to cut corners in this shitty economy.

We love our home. We all have our "areas" to get away from everyone else or just to chill or do our own thing. We have a lovely back yard - swing set, sand box, comfy patio chairs, a wonderful view, etc. It's not the Taj Mahal, but we love it. We're weird people who love a weird layout and this place fills our weird little hearts.

I went to the Mart of Wal yesterday. I always put an apple (chopped up into wedges) in the Evil Twin's lunch. I put three, 3, THREE apples in a bag yesterday and came home to find out I paid nearly $5 for those three apples!?!? WTF? I know, they're weighed by the pound and these apples were on the large side, but still? Money doesn't grow on trees, but apples sure as fuck do. And, they're plentiful.

Apples are one of the main fruits that the whole family loves. They're healthy, tasty, and a perfect snack (in our opinion, anyways).

I could buy 2 bags of Fritos for less than $5. But, I'd rather have the apples.

In fact, I'm going to start asking total strangers, "How 'bout them apples?" Even if it doesn't apply to the conversation at all. I love people getting all confused. They tend to leave me alone after that.

If it comes down to our home and decent food, the house is gonna win every time. I need to check on the overall price of Ramen noodles now....Thanx, economy.


Happy Thursday, hooligans - This has been the LONGEST week EVAH. :-(

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

No Strings

Once again, I join The Madhouse and will post about a word prompt from the lovely Kate. This weeks prompt is "No Strings".

When I first saw this, I had to laugh. Yes, I laughed.

You see, the Evil Twin and I have our own language and codes and we're also fairly psychic with one another. Instead of getting all weirded out by it, we have fun with it. It's like this: I'll be thinking "I could use a bowl of ice cream." and then, he'll speak out and say, "Hey, how about some ice cream." -- just moments after my thought has turned toward other thoughts.

But, I digress. For us, if someone says "No Strings", that means one partner is either willing to do something "special" for the other and expects nothing in return or wants something "special" and has no plans to return the favor. It's all good.

After nearly 20 years of togetherness, we have both had our fair share of "no strings" experiences -- if ya get my drift here.

Sometimes, entering into a situation of marital congress, it's nice to know the ground rules. That way, no one is left unhappy or has feelings of things being unfair. Sometimes, I'm the giver, sometimes, I'm the taker and vice versa with the Evil Twin.

Of course, there are those times when the takee feels moved to do more and then both parties are happy little clams.

Either way, "no strings" means "no strings attached". There is no obligation on the party who was promised the no strings activity, unless that party feels moved to get involved.

Sorta like a massage or something. We enjoy the "no strings" policy around here. We each know we'll be paid back at some point. It makes marriage so much more exciting!

Happy Wednesday, hooligans! I'll post the list of the Madhouse participants at the end of this post.


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