Tuesday, December 7, 2010

This Would be 1,000

But, I didn't post yesterday, so this is only 999. I just couldn't get motivated yesterday.

I get in a funk when the weather starts turning bad and we've had quite a bit of snow the last few days -  unusual for this early in December. Maybe if we get it out of the way this early, March will actually be nice.

Oh, who am I kidding? We've got months of crap weather ahead.

The county called a 2 hour delay this morning, so that means no preschool. Which, in turn, means Sissy and I are still hanging around in our PJs at 10AM.  Why rush around if I don't have to? That's my personal philosophy.

The upside to colder weather is that Bella has become even more snuggly. She has always slept with me and the Evil Twin, but now, she's sidling up even closer - sometimes even under the covers. And she is soft and warm and I can feel her (and hear her) purring like a motor boat. So cute. This will be Bella Bug's first Christmas and I dread putting the tree up. She's very curious and a little on the mean side when she gets a wild hair.

But, we really need to get that tree up if I'm going to have pictures of the kids (you all know you love that junk) in front of the tree for cards this year. We have a really long last name and I get cramps writing their names on the backs of the photos, even though they both have really short names (like 4 letters and 3 letters) - and that was totally on purpose. We wanted short  first names that couldn't be turned into nicknames, were unusual, but not "made up". I scoured the obituaries. LOL.

Hell, it's not like I send cards to strangers. I should just write their first names and ages! Whoever gets the card should either A. Be related to us or B. Already know our last name. amirite?

Time for me to get my rear in gear and do something with the day. Happy Tuesday, hooligans!



  1. Boo snow! The only time snow is good is on Christmas Eve and Christmas day...I dread our first snow...nothing yet for us. Actually they estimate only
    13" total for us for Winter...THAT is something to get excited about!

    Enjoy the lazy morning though. It is perfect cozy, snuggly weather with Sissy and Bella!

  2. I am not doing Christmas cards this year. I just decided it was too much.

  3. I Love snow. We had 4 hours of it this weekend but none stuck.

  4. The slower pace is definitely a plus to snow! Freezing while you are slow is not:(

  5. Looking forward to 1000.

    And yes, I love that Christmas junk.

    Enjoy the freezing cold weather.

  6. Congrat on 1000, or almost. You should have tried for names with only one or two letters, I bet that would be cool!

  7. We never get snow until Jan or Feb, but we had 1-2" last week. When I lived in Chas. as a kid, the only reason they ever closed school is if the heating system was broken.

  8. Normally I love the snow (because I don't have to shovel it) but I need new tires and can't get them yet so its makin' me nervous! So far so good though, it's been holding off.

    I love getting Christmas cards, getting my own out is another story. Crap! I forgot stamps!

    Congrats on the milestone!

  9. Congrats....tomorrow, maybe. :) Send some snow down my way!