Thursday, December 2, 2010

Shopping is Painful

I have not made it a state secret that the Evil Twin and I (well, mostly me, since I pay all the bills, do the shopping, etc, but it's with the money he earns at his job, so I try to be veeerrry conservative with the bank account) are trying to cut corners in this shitty economy.

We love our home. We all have our "areas" to get away from everyone else or just to chill or do our own thing. We have a lovely back yard - swing set, sand box, comfy patio chairs, a wonderful view, etc. It's not the Taj Mahal, but we love it. We're weird people who love a weird layout and this place fills our weird little hearts.

I went to the Mart of Wal yesterday. I always put an apple (chopped up into wedges) in the Evil Twin's lunch. I put three, 3, THREE apples in a bag yesterday and came home to find out I paid nearly $5 for those three apples!?!? WTF? I know, they're weighed by the pound and these apples were on the large side, but still? Money doesn't grow on trees, but apples sure as fuck do. And, they're plentiful.

Apples are one of the main fruits that the whole family loves. They're healthy, tasty, and a perfect snack (in our opinion, anyways).

I could buy 2 bags of Fritos for less than $5. But, I'd rather have the apples.

In fact, I'm going to start asking total strangers, "How 'bout them apples?" Even if it doesn't apply to the conversation at all. I love people getting all confused. They tend to leave me alone after that.

If it comes down to our home and decent food, the house is gonna win every time. I need to check on the overall price of Ramen noodles now....Thanx, economy.


Happy Thursday, hooligans - This has been the LONGEST week EVAH. :-(


  1. And the Government is spending millions to figure out why Americans are getting fatter.... ummm... has anyone noticed healthy food costs more than the bad stuff??? Well I guess you did and for only $5!!!

  2. Isn't that a shame? And apples! It's not like they were some rare specialty fruit. The high price of healthy foods is a huge part of the obesity problem in this country.

  3. I noticed that apples were expensive in Walmart when I bought them before Thanksgiving. I am not a regular apple muncher because I am in the midst of dental implants and they are pretty hard. But I found a 10 pound bag of red delicious for $1.99 at the ghetto supermarket in town. Walmart is cheap in general, but they aren't always the bargain.

  4. Constant challenge in my family. There are six of us with enough income for maybe one or two of us. And I have growing teenage boys. I agree that that is THE problem with obesity. You can buy 5 bags fo chips for what you pay for 3 apples.
    Anyways, lucky for me my kids have fast metabolisms and are skinnies all except for one.

  5. No shit! I now HATE grocery shopping. I went last night to the tune of $143, for three of us. WTF is up with that! Two years ago the same cart of groceries would have cost me half that. Stupid economy.

  6. Just bought 5 honeycrisp apples the other day. Cost 8 bucks.

    Never again.

  7. Honeycrisp apples are the best and I will always pay extra for them - I don't even buy other apples now - I can seriously eat one of those apples and not be hungry for hours after. Matter of fact, I bought two last night for $3 - cut one up and fried it with just a little cinnamon on top and a little melted butter in the pan, and it was *amazing* - didn't even need to add sugar or anything else.

    That said, Ramen noodles have gone up by an average of 5 cents a package around here.

  8. Loves me some apples! It's not only apples though, I've noticed oranges and grapes are the same way. :(

    Funny hubs and I try to cut corners as well. We always look for the meat that is on sale (it's not just needs to be sold before it goes bad). So a couple of weeks ago we bought what we thought was a 4pk of chicken breasts for the low price of $3 and some change. We bought our usual amount of crap as well and our bill wad $270(at Walmart). Hubs started ridiculing me about what I bought that we didn't need blah,blah,blah. Returned home, looked at the bill cause somethign wasn't just wasn't right, they rung that reduced price chicken up as $86...holy smokes, was it dipped in gold or what? Needless to say we went back and got our money back...stupid wal-mart.

  9. Yep, I have been hearing the same complaints here. The wife told me this past thanksgiving that I ate one expensive Apple pie.....


  10. I've not bought apples in a while. I'm shocked they're so expensive now. Maybe if the government subsidized fruit instead of just corn...

  11. For that price they should have at least had caramel all over them!

  12. Ron - I noticed that years ago when I was a vegetarian. It's very uncool.

    K - I totally agree.

    Karen - The Evil Twin likes them firm and sweet and I'm more a Granny Smith type. Love the sour!

    RW - Everyone here has the metabolism of a hummingbird, except the Evil Twin. LOL.

    MC - I know! When Buddy was little, I spent $40/week. Now, I spend more than 3 times that.

    Tiff - These were the Honeycrisp. They're tasty, but pricey!

    Nick - Sheesh, not even Ramen is cheap anymore!

    Chandra - I always check my receipt from ALL places.

    JBlank - I wish our Aldi was closer, but I just may have to make that a regular stopping point!

    Joker - It's such a racket!

    Utenzi - they are a staple here and they keep getting more and more expensive! Gah!

    LBB - I agree!!! I think caramel should be on the food pyramid anyway.

  13. I spend $600 per week on food, Every week.

  14. Ok...just LOL @ "apples sure as fuck do".

  15. I second the vote for Aldi. I spend an average of $175 at WM when I go there.

    When I hit Aldi, I spend $125 or so, and that's enough for THREE PEOPLE for TWO WEEKS.

    Just bring a quarter and your own bags. [You'll get the quarter back when you put the cart back.] I bought 3# of apples for $1.99 yesterday.