Thursday, December 9, 2010

This Week Sucks

And, it has felt really long, too! Yesterday, there was no preschool because the older kids' schools were on an "early dismissal" schedule, only no one bothered to tell me that. If the bigger kids have an early out, there is no preschool.

It was not listed on the lunch menu as it normally is, so I had no clue. I got Sissy ready for pre-K and in the freezing cold took her to her school. Only no one was out front. I went in the school and was told "No preschool today!"....There was no preschool on Tuesday either, due to the 2 hour delay for the weather. Two days of Sissy and I is a bit much for me.

Don't get me wrong, I love the children with all my heart, but even Momma needs a break sometimes. We call Sissy "Chatty Cathy", since she talks almost nonstop. I love it, she's adorable and she says the funniest things. However, the funny starts to run a bit thin after several hours of it. My brain starts to atrophy and I just can't take it anymore.

I decided to wait until the Evil Twin got home to hit the Mart. I just wanted to go by myself. Of course, it was a shopping nightmare and took forever, but I "got 'er done". LOL.

I did NOT see a sign like this at the Mart:

I guess we don't have many Jewish people in this area, but STILL! OMGosh!

Ok, enough with the funny...I have to get ready to take Sissy to preschool in a bit (IF she has it... - that's another topic for another day, trust me). So, you hooligans are on your own to have a Happy Thursday!


PS. I noticed that the links for the Madhouse thing are all jacked up and I've spent the morning trying to correct them. I don't know what happened. Still looking into it. Sorry 'bout that, but I WILL correct it as soon as I can. Love y'all!


  1. I saw that picture on Snopes earlier this week. Classic.

  2. When my kid was little and was wound up and/or chatty, I would force feed him a shot glass full of Ny-Quil. Shut him right up. Cheers ETW!!


  4. Kosher pork is funny idea all by itself. I don't think we have that in NY, but I'll have to hit up the 'mart and see if they stock it.

    That price though - $6.29 a pound for ham!?!?! I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess that's twice what we pay around here. But I will go out hunting and drag back proof!

  5. Oh Paleeze! Im quite sure my daughter has broken the record for the most talking a 3 year old can do. She NEVER shuts up. NEVER! EVER! EVER! I feel your pain. But goo dnews is they say kids that never stop talking are super smart and by all accounts I believe it!

  6. Apologies, repeatedly, about the links... it's something to do with Wordpress, I don't understand and frankly don't want to by this point... I just want it to WORK. I think I've figured it out, and am sending a note via Facebook with the updated list (because when I post it, that screws it up... something to do with the quotation marks, argh).

    Here's hoping, because I would REALLY like to be able to, you know, READ some of the Madhouse entries!! So far all I've done today is swear at the computer when each attempt to fix the links has failed. (And if I were to try and copy-and-paste it here, I'm pretty sure Blogger would try to convert the HTML part, just perpetuating the problem...)

    So. Anyway - apologies, and please check your Facebook inbox shortly. I'll be back later on to read, assuming I've finally solved the problem and thus protected my head from imminent explosion.

  7. My son never ever shuts up! His teacher even had to move him out of his group to sit alone in front of her desk. I asked him he other morning why he talks so much and he said "I don' know Mama, I just have a lot in my brain and it has to come out somehow!". I'm glad Raquel said it's a sign of intelligence, makes me feel better!

    I hope your week gets better fas or ends fast!

  8. thanks for saying OMGosh. That's pretty dang cute.