Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Manual Dexterity

This week's topic for The Madhouse is manual dexterity. Phew - talk about a tough one!

I've never been graceful or patient or gentle. My mom used to say I was like a "bull in a china shop". They sent me to Charm Schools. Several of them,, in fact. I learned a lot about make-up and how to avoid spider veins on my legs, but being a delicate little flower never really worked for me.

I can knit, but I'm not even remotely as talented as our fearless leader, Kate. I can't get the hang of the more complicated stitches or the stuff that requires lots of patience.

I'm more of a "Point A to Point B" person. Get it started, get it finished and move on to the next task/activity/chore whatever.

I can type very well, despite the fact that I spent the entire time of my 8th grade year in typing class (that term or semester...) in a cast on my left arm that had my arm at a 90 degree angle over the elbow - I could not use my left hand to type. So, for the longest time, I typed quite proficiently with just my right hand.

Spending 5 years in college (yes, I'm a loser) getting a degree in Journalism, I became much better at using BOTH hands to type. And that is how I ended up turning my very expensive college education into a career as a secretary. (not that there's anything wrong with that - the world needs us secretarial types).

My poor, beleaguered mother wanted her children to be well-rounded. I was tossed into piano lessons. I never got past the "Big Note" music books. In FIVE years. Can you say "Waste of time and money?". I can. My younger brother (no biological relation to me, as we were both adopted) can play almost any instrument by ear.

So, I compensate for what I can't do with my hands with what I can do with my brain. Oh sure, I can fold a fitted sheet so it appears to be a flat sheet, but that's just a part of my daily job as the CEO of this family - or, if you prefer, the HO™ - which is the Home Office. The HO™ does most of the grunt work around these parts, so for me to be dainty isn't in the job description.

I don't mind. I can sneak in a nap or two during most days! ;-)

Happy Wednesday, hooligans!


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  1. I learned to type quite well with one hand too...... ummmm...... just I didn't have a cast.....

  2. I can type with both hands without looking at the keyboard...does that make ambidextrous?

  3. HA! Ron is genius! I bet his forearms are huge!

  4. Here is hoping that the Evil Twin appreciates it. This is what counts the most.....

  5. I can type fairly well, but I do that "hunt and peck" thing. I can't touch type. But I don't feel I need to.

    Did you enjoy your journalism degree?

    I have often thought if I ever wanted a career change that that might be the way to go...

  6. I'm pea green jealous. I would be a happy girl if I could get in half a nap a day.

  7. two naps a day?? That's better than my cats.

  8. If you can fold a fitted sheet then you've done more than I'll do with the rest of my pathetic life.