Sunday, December 26, 2010

Post Christmas Update

I haven't been online much for the past few days. I had SO much to do. Remarkably, I was able to finish up all my "to do" items and Christmas was a hit.

Sissy got the pink DSi she has been coveting for a while and Buddy was loaded up on video games and gift cards. He received over $100 worth of assorted gift cards and cash. Sissy also received an assortment of Zhu Zhu pets. They're really cute and I think Bella likes them too (they scoot all around the floor - very fascinating for a kitten).

Santa even left Bella a few real cat toys, which she has enjoyed immensely. She certainly needs the exercise of playing, otherwise, she'll be shopping at the Hefty Hideaway before too long (The Hefty Hideaway is the name of a store that caters to the "plump" girls in John Waters' film "Hairspray").

I had feared we hadn't done enough for the kids, but ya know what? It turned out to be the perfect holiday. Not over the top and not too little. Awesome!

Santa brought the "Toy Story 3" DVD for Sissy. She and the Evil Twin had seen it in the theatre, but Buddy and I had not. So, after everything wound down, we watched the movie. Honestly, I had my doubts on whether #3 could be equally as entertaining as #1 and #2, but I completely underestimated Pixar. It was really, really sweet and funny.

Now, onto enjoy my lazy Sunday with the fam! Happy Sunday, hooligans!



  1. Glad to hear you had a great holiday with the family :) I was a bad kitty momma and didn't get the kitties anything this year. Last year I got them a cheese wedge of 60 of them furry little mice. We've barely dented them so far. I think they are more happy to have me and hubby both home at the same time.

  2. I'm glad to know that you had a good Christmas!!

  3. I'm glad to know that you had a good Christmas!!

  4. Glad it was a Merry Christmas! Now that it's after Christmas Bella can tear up the Christmas tree without fear of getting in trouble!

  5. Yay! The woman and I got a special present from retardog.... it seems that she repurposed some chocolate, garbage that we didn't take out yet, some tissue paper and a christmas card into some hearty broth that, just like saint Nicolas, she deposited into my shoe!

  6. Merry Post-Christmas to ya. Cheers ETW!!