Friday, December 17, 2010

It's All Good

Yesterday, it snowed and snowed and snowed some more. There was no school. There was no way the Evil Twin was getting down our driveway and onto the main road. Seriously, the snow plow came up our road no less than 4 times and within minutes of them moving on, the road was covered again.

When the snow finally stopped (or trickled off a bit), the Evil Twin went out with his snow blower. Our next door neighbor joined him with a shovel. They cleared off 4 driveways and the last little part of our dead end street that the plow never reaches. I went out and sprinkled road salt.

Buddy and Sissy had a great time playing out in the snow, even though it was too powdery to really make snowballs. When they came back inside, all wet and cold, they changed clothes and I made them hot chocolate with marshmallows AND whipped cream topping! Mom of the year over here, yo!

I'm not real good at remembering to feed them, but I will load them up with sugary products. They seem to appreciate that. At least I do make them brush their teeth on a regular basis.

Today marks the last work day for the Evil Twin before he has 16 days of leave for the holidays. Wish us luck to make it to our 18th anniversary in October 2011.

Well, my phone is a beeping at me. It must be something. Then, I need to get my day started. Yes, it's almost 10am and I'm still in my PJs, what of it?? I said I was smart, I never claimed to be motivated. Sheesh!

Love ya, hooligans. I have an extra special Christmas post for next week. Kinda my way of saying "Thanks" for sticking with me and being regulars. :-)

Happy FRIDAY!! <3



  1. Send a little bit of that Hot Chocolate my way!! 16 days off in a row?! OMG! It's gonna be cabin fever combined with the Donner party if you guys aren't careful.

  2. Mom of the Year for sure!

    I do wonder though who this post is from, as it's not signed. Mystery!!!

  3. I remember those days; snow and more snow and wet mittens and cold toes and hot chocolate. Waaaaaaa/ I want them back (not when my kids were small - but when I was!)

    You are about to find out what it is like when your husband retires.

  4. I too will forget to feed my kids then hand them a brownie or cookie to tide them over. Eh,hopefully they'll think I was a fun mom when they get older and not a neglectful one.

    We are 264 days without measurable snow here in Massachusetts and it's really bumming me out!

  5. I'm Jealous. Here in the NC we just had out first "official winter storm" It was freezing rain/ ice/ snow??? It was basically just a sloppy mess. No fun. No snow to play in, no milk in the stores?? Just a muddy mess and schools were closed and then delayed the next day.

  6. It's true, there IS a special magic in being able to fold a fitted sheet to look! Roch on...