Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Middle Aged Hipster? No, Zitster

I love my moisturizer, I couldn't go a day without it. I use some other products on my face, but nothing has changed in a very long time.

That's why I'm surprised I've had three blemishes recently. I've been half-assed using Buddy's Proactiv. It might work better if I actually did the entire routine.

Why must I be so disgusting? I think I'm a bit long in the tooth to be sporting blemishes...Although I am apparently not too old to bleach and color my hair purple again.

I had let it go and dyed it all back to my original color (or the closest match thereof), because my hair had been abused by bleach and dye for far too long. I decided to give it a break.

I have a friend whose son was in Sissy's Kindergarten class. They became fast friends and we enjoy doing things with the family. We were at a birthday party for another classmate a few months ago and I said something about being 44.

She said, "You're not 44!" I said, "Yes, I am. I was born in 1968." We became FB friends shortly there after. Her birth year? 1985. I was a junior in High School.

But, I guess it's a nice compliment that she doesn't think I look my age and that she enjoys our conversations and spending time together. I have been that way most of my life too - i.e. being the oldest child in my family, I've always related better to people who are considerably older than myself. I can get along fine with others who are considerably younger than myself, too, but I've tended to gravitate to older friends.

Now that I've reached that "older friend" status/age, I should rethink my friendship picking strategy. After all, maybe they can give me advice on dealing with these blemishes!!!

Happy Wednesday, hooligans. Have a great one!


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Bird in the Hand

My day yesterday was completely thrown off when I went to check the mail. Usually, I'll go down the front steps, but I was cleaning up the kitchen after lunch and was closest to the back door.

I like to keep the door open, so we can enjoy some sun through the storm door. Bella, the cat, enjoys it too. It's like Kitty Kable in our backyard with squirrels, birds, rabbits, etc.

When I went out and got to the bottom of the concrete steps, I saw an itty bitty bird just sitting there. I kept my distance for a bit and observed it. He (?) kept opening his little beak and chirping. He could hop around, but not fly.

I looked up into our trees to try to find a nest he may have fallen out of and didn't see anything. I knew if I left him there, he would most certainly die. I also knew I shouldn't touch him.

I sat on a stair and kept watching. Finally, I decided I had to do something.
Since we have the two parakeets, I keep a smaller cage in case there is any emergency situations and one or both need to see a vet. The parakeet cage is actually large enough for Cockatiels and not easy to transport.

I scooped up the little fluffy feathery dude and called for Buddy to help me get the smaller cage. I got pooped on a couple of times. Blech! But, the little fella was obviously scared.

He seemed okay in the cage, while I called a local vets. Amazingly, they had an employee (a vet tech) who has cared for and hand raised several wild birds, getting them healthy with special food and then releases them back into their natural environment.

Sissy and I loaded into the car and Mr. Feathers got to ride shotgun, with the seat belt around the cage. :-) We took him in and in short order, the empty cage was returned to us. I spoke to the tech, just to make sure he would be well cared for. The receptionist I had spoken to earlier on the phone told me that little ones who fall out of the nest typically don't have good odds, but I was confident that this lady would have the resources and knowledge to give him the best chances.

Sissy was heartbroken that we weren't bringing the little bird back home with us. She cried for a long time. I told her we did the best thing for him and that he would be safe and happy there. She said she didn't care about any of that, she was just sad we'd never see the little guy again.

I recolored my hair purple and rescued some wildlife. Pretty cool day, huh?

Have a great Tuesday, hooligans! And remember, always stop to rescue an animal in need. :-) It makes your heart feel 3 sizes larger! :-)


Thursday, June 21, 2012

WV Day

Was yesterday. June 20 marks the day WV officially seceded from Virginia and became its' own state. It's been 160 (? - Don't ask me, I'm an import) years and people STILL don't realize WV is NOT the Western part of Virginia.

Placing an order on the phone:

ETW: "Yes, West Virginia."

Customer Service Person: "I have a cousin who lives in Roanoke. Is that close to where you are?"

ETW: "No, West Virginia and Virginia are separate states. Roanoke is in Virginia." (in my head: "Did this person really graduate from high school?").

CSP: "Ohhhhh."

I think that's why WV is shaped like a big F You to the rest of the US. Look at it:

Turn your right hand, so your palm is facing you, and try it. ;-) You'll see the obvious evidence that the people of WV have a great sense of humor!

The Evil Twin had the day off, so we went to the grocery and did a couple other errands. It was a good relaxing day and we were able to get stuff done around the house and chill a bit, too. :-)

Hooligans, I hope you have a lovely Thursday. And, I will be back soon!


Monday, June 18, 2012

The Nerve

I survived (barely) the dance rehearsal/recital weekend. Friday evening, I spent 5 miserable and cold hours watching the rehearsal. It was just me and Sissy. We arrived home at midnight because she was starving (I wonder why?), so I got her McDs. I also needed to put gas in the van, so it was just a very, very long ordeal.

We had to be back at the auditorium by 1:30 on Saturday, even though the show didn't start until 2:30. I am a "follow the rules" person, so we were actually a little early. Sissy's first routine was #12 on the list of 40 (!!!!), not including #41, the grand finale. In fact, in the line up, her group was #12, #27 and, wouldn't ya know it, #40.

It started a little late (imagine that!) and I decided we'd be leaving after her last routine, but before the finale. We got out of there at 7P! The Evil Twin and I were freezing and starving and our butts were numb from sitting in the not so comfy seats.

When I took Sissy up to the staging area - where they line up the dancers about 3 to 5 dances back - I wanted to let someone know not to hold her backstage for the finale, but to release her to me.

I saw another mom, a mom I know and in fact, lives just up the street from us and I've known her for several years, since we all attended the same pool. She had been working backstage, and her daughter is one of the main dancers, so it seems they're always hanging around. But, I knew that she would be able to help me...I just needed to know who to speak to about getting Sissy after the last routine.

It was obvious I was standing at the doorway for a reason. She was busy looking thru some costumes, so I stood back and waited until she was done with whatever, then - GET THIS - she turned and looked at me, smiled, turned and walked away! I even had my mouth open to ask, "Who can I speak to about....." I didn't even get one squeak out.

I KNOW she knows that place like the back of her hand. I also know she could've answered my question or if not, directed me to someone who could.

I get snubbed like that a lot. I get dissed on Facebook by people I thought I had some semblance of a relationship (guess I cared more than they did). Almost all of the moms at the pool stopped speaking to me after a few summers.

I didn't do or say anything offensive. I didn't use bad language (I rarely do). I know I am not like most moms, but I certainly try to blend in regarding certain situations.

Am I really a terrible person? Is it my breath? I'm just not sure.

I'm not brokenhearted or anything. I don't need more friends. I've always kept a couple or three close to me all my life and am not the social butterfly type.

However, I am also not so petty to ignore someone just because there may be something I don't particularly like about them. Oh well.

Have a great Monday, hooligans! I still have errands to run! Yahoo (not). :-)


Thursday, June 14, 2012

Make The Glitter Go Away!

I like to wait 'til the last minute, so today, I've been putting Sissy in her costumes (total of three), taking notes on what needs to be taken in, etc. I really only have one ballet skirt that will need a pin and one tap costume belt that will need a pin.

One outfit makes her all itchy and the clip on earrings she has to wear for two routines pinch her ears half off.

It'll be interesting when Saturday rolls around and I'm backstage doing her hair and make up. I considered false eyelashes, but figured that might go over as well as a turd in a punch bowl. She is NOT my prissy girl who just goes along with people (Mom, for example), pulling her hair, curling her hair, making her sit still for mascara, eyeliner and lipstick.

I went and bought her some make up that will be flattering to her skin tone - she is lighter than me. But, I do understand the need to really overdo the facial definitions. If not, she will just blend in with the scenery and not be seen from the stage lights. It's nice to have been sent to several charm schools and then learn from the best: the Drag Queens.

My little tartlet will look amazing...or at least as amazing as I can get her to be until she throws a fit and say "Fuck it. Go on with your bad self." My patience only runs so far.

I have a sneaking suspicion that I will be worn out by Saturday evening. I think this will be the end of the dance lessons.

This is a fitting example of "be careful what you wish for.", huh? Momma's not as young as she used to be.

AND, at this point, the house is covered in glitter and sequins.

Stay tuned. Tomorrow, I have a tale of Three Turtles. If I didn't love these kids so much, I would have gone bonkers a looooong time ago!

Have a happy Thursday, hooligans. Please say a prayer or send good thoughts my way for this evening. I can't say why - it's nothing like I might have cancer or anything near that pressing, but I'm gonna need some courage. Thanks, guys.


Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Or 12:34...This is post 1,234 and it is exactly 12:34 on the clock right now. I have a friend who loves it when she looks at the clock and it's 12:34, because all the numbers are in a row.

Personally, I like 4:22, but I haven't seen that time in the AM in a loooong time.

Anypoodle, I guess over 1200 posts is not to shabby in the scope of things. I don't always have anything interesting to say, but when I have diarrhea of the mouth - LOOK OUT!

We're gearing up for Sissy's Dance Recital this Saturday and there are so many things to remember/do. I still haven't tried on her ballet costume, the tap costume was a wee loose in the shoulder straps when I tried it on her in February, so either: Let's hope she has grown or feel sorry for me trying to take up those straps with a needle and thread.

And, yes, I do have a sewing machine (squeee!), but it seems like an awful lot of trouble to haul out just to tighten 2 little straps. I'll just pin it and do it by hand, if necessary. Friday evening is the dress rehearsal, so I need to work quickly.

I also have mounds of laundry, kitchen work and grocery shopping. I need to find time to sort thru bills (not as quick and easy as most people think).

Alright, hooligans, I'm off to check the laundry and take care of a couple other little things, then Sissy and are off to the Mart. :-) I hope you have a Happy Hump day!


Friday, June 8, 2012

A Week of Summer Fun

We've been busy this week. I'm trying to catch up on housework, banking and trying to keep the kids entertained.

In our little burg, they're having a Fair/Carnival for the first time since the early 70s. They're raising money for a community center for the younger people in our area.

Our two kids had never been to a rickety old carnival before, so we figured it might be fun for all. I invited a friend of mine and her two boys (the younger one and Sissy are good friends) to come along with us. She doesn't drive and the family only has one car. Her husband works long and late hours, so I figured they get bored in the evenings - they were thrilled that I thought of them, although it was really nothing on my part. Giving a friend a hand is never a big thinking process for me - Generally, I'm a "more the merrier" type if I know the "more" well.

We didn't tell the 3 smaller kids what was going on. I did tell Buddy, but I said, "You can't tell the poo poo diaper babies what we have planned because it's a surprise." It was funny to listen to the smaller kids try to guess where we were heading.

When they spotted the ferris wheel, they all went bonkers...Except for Buddy, who at 14, is way too cool for that sort of display of happiness. He DID have a good time, though and rode several rickety rides with my friend's 9 year old, who was too tall to ride the same rides that Sissy and her Bestie were under the height limit to ride (the "kiddie" rides).

Here they are entering the area of the carnival:

They held hands or were hugging each other all night. :::Swoon::: I love my future in-laws! :-)

Of course, it was the typical carnie atmosphere. Complete with toothless individuals with crappy prison tattoos, but it was fun and crowded, but not too crowded.

I told the children that they just haven't lived until they eat carnie food from some dude with a herpe on his lip. Even I had a funnel cake. Who doesn't at a carnival? Those things are tasty as all get out. And yes, I did have diarrhea this morning. Thanks for asking.

I've got to run off and plan dinner and also deal with laundry. I hope all my hooligans have a super happy Friday and a wonderful weekend!!