Friday, June 8, 2012

A Week of Summer Fun

We've been busy this week. I'm trying to catch up on housework, banking and trying to keep the kids entertained.

In our little burg, they're having a Fair/Carnival for the first time since the early 70s. They're raising money for a community center for the younger people in our area.

Our two kids had never been to a rickety old carnival before, so we figured it might be fun for all. I invited a friend of mine and her two boys (the younger one and Sissy are good friends) to come along with us. She doesn't drive and the family only has one car. Her husband works long and late hours, so I figured they get bored in the evenings - they were thrilled that I thought of them, although it was really nothing on my part. Giving a friend a hand is never a big thinking process for me - Generally, I'm a "more the merrier" type if I know the "more" well.

We didn't tell the 3 smaller kids what was going on. I did tell Buddy, but I said, "You can't tell the poo poo diaper babies what we have planned because it's a surprise." It was funny to listen to the smaller kids try to guess where we were heading.

When they spotted the ferris wheel, they all went bonkers...Except for Buddy, who at 14, is way too cool for that sort of display of happiness. He DID have a good time, though and rode several rickety rides with my friend's 9 year old, who was too tall to ride the same rides that Sissy and her Bestie were under the height limit to ride (the "kiddie" rides).

Here they are entering the area of the carnival:

They held hands or were hugging each other all night. :::Swoon::: I love my future in-laws! :-)

Of course, it was the typical carnie atmosphere. Complete with toothless individuals with crappy prison tattoos, but it was fun and crowded, but not too crowded.

I told the children that they just haven't lived until they eat carnie food from some dude with a herpe on his lip. Even I had a funnel cake. Who doesn't at a carnival? Those things are tasty as all get out. And yes, I did have diarrhea this morning. Thanks for asking.

I've got to run off and plan dinner and also deal with laundry. I hope all my hooligans have a super happy Friday and a wonderful weekend!!



  1. Hey! I thought you were quitting blogger?

  2. :-) Even crappy carnival are great for having food that you wouldn't eat anywhere else. Glad you had fun.

  3. Aww, such a cute pic, the age when things are simple. Carnie food, my favorite is a sausage-peppers-onion sandwich.

  4. Libco - no, not quitting. Just took a little break there. :-)

    Ron - I know! Where else can you get that greasy mess?

    911 - They are 6 and yes, it is such an innocent age. I hope they are always friends.

  5. Dang, carnival food. Heck yes. Glad you had a good time. Those kids will have great memories of this day for their whole lives.

  6. Prison tattoos and Herpe lips. You usually have to go to an upscale place like McDonald's for that kind of service.

    That really is a cute picture (the kids holding hands, not the image of tattoos and Herpes).

  7. A good Rickety carnival just screams summer! Glad you all had a good time. Yum. Funnel cake. However, I'm a candy apple girl. Break your teeth with questionable red dye and half rotten fruit...Oh yeah. My favorite!

    Sounds like fun. Glad you are having a good summer!