Monday, June 18, 2012

The Nerve

I survived (barely) the dance rehearsal/recital weekend. Friday evening, I spent 5 miserable and cold hours watching the rehearsal. It was just me and Sissy. We arrived home at midnight because she was starving (I wonder why?), so I got her McDs. I also needed to put gas in the van, so it was just a very, very long ordeal.

We had to be back at the auditorium by 1:30 on Saturday, even though the show didn't start until 2:30. I am a "follow the rules" person, so we were actually a little early. Sissy's first routine was #12 on the list of 40 (!!!!), not including #41, the grand finale. In fact, in the line up, her group was #12, #27 and, wouldn't ya know it, #40.

It started a little late (imagine that!) and I decided we'd be leaving after her last routine, but before the finale. We got out of there at 7P! The Evil Twin and I were freezing and starving and our butts were numb from sitting in the not so comfy seats.

When I took Sissy up to the staging area - where they line up the dancers about 3 to 5 dances back - I wanted to let someone know not to hold her backstage for the finale, but to release her to me.

I saw another mom, a mom I know and in fact, lives just up the street from us and I've known her for several years, since we all attended the same pool. She had been working backstage, and her daughter is one of the main dancers, so it seems they're always hanging around. But, I knew that she would be able to help me...I just needed to know who to speak to about getting Sissy after the last routine.

It was obvious I was standing at the doorway for a reason. She was busy looking thru some costumes, so I stood back and waited until she was done with whatever, then - GET THIS - she turned and looked at me, smiled, turned and walked away! I even had my mouth open to ask, "Who can I speak to about....." I didn't even get one squeak out.

I KNOW she knows that place like the back of her hand. I also know she could've answered my question or if not, directed me to someone who could.

I get snubbed like that a lot. I get dissed on Facebook by people I thought I had some semblance of a relationship (guess I cared more than they did). Almost all of the moms at the pool stopped speaking to me after a few summers.

I didn't do or say anything offensive. I didn't use bad language (I rarely do). I know I am not like most moms, but I certainly try to blend in regarding certain situations.

Am I really a terrible person? Is it my breath? I'm just not sure.

I'm not brokenhearted or anything. I don't need more friends. I've always kept a couple or three close to me all my life and am not the social butterfly type.

However, I am also not so petty to ignore someone just because there may be something I don't particularly like about them. Oh well.

Have a great Monday, hooligans! I still have errands to run! Yahoo (not). :-)



  1. People do that to me all the time... I always figured it was because I'm so gassy...

  2. I get that a lot, too. I probably give them a reason, though.

    <3 to you and yours.

  3. Spent all my Friday night and Saturday involved in dance rehearsals/recitals, too. Year #8 ... And it's a pain in the ass every single time.

  4. I get it too. Maybe she was busy and not aware that you had a question.

    Dance recitals are cute to watch, but a pain in the butt if your kid is in it.

  5. You should've punched her in the old taco. :)