Thursday, June 21, 2012

WV Day

Was yesterday. June 20 marks the day WV officially seceded from Virginia and became its' own state. It's been 160 (? - Don't ask me, I'm an import) years and people STILL don't realize WV is NOT the Western part of Virginia.

Placing an order on the phone:

ETW: "Yes, West Virginia."

Customer Service Person: "I have a cousin who lives in Roanoke. Is that close to where you are?"

ETW: "No, West Virginia and Virginia are separate states. Roanoke is in Virginia." (in my head: "Did this person really graduate from high school?").

CSP: "Ohhhhh."

I think that's why WV is shaped like a big F You to the rest of the US. Look at it:

Turn your right hand, so your palm is facing you, and try it. ;-) You'll see the obvious evidence that the people of WV have a great sense of humor!

The Evil Twin had the day off, so we went to the grocery and did a couple other errands. It was a good relaxing day and we were able to get stuff done around the house and chill a bit, too. :-)

Hooligans, I hope you have a lovely Thursday. And, I will be back soon!



  1. Wha??? I thunk West Virginia wus like Central Ohio... ya know... ;-)

  2. Good for VW. It was good German stock that influenced your succession from the Confederates.

    I suspect the Scots will want to follow your example.

  3. You should try living in another state and saying you are from West Virginia when asked. We get the "My Cousin lives in Richmond! They really love being close to the beach." thing all the time.

    And when we lived in Utah...forget it. They had no clue where WV even was. "Is that down there by Georgia?" "Oh, on the coast? So lucky!"

    What do they DO in school? Do they even look at a map of the US occasionally?

  4. 1863. It's on the quarter. Just before the Hatfield & McCoy dealie cranked up.