Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Me + Mornings = An Unhappy Union

I'm not a morning person. I probably never will be. 

I get up early - usually anywhere from 5A to 630A (my alarm is set to go off at 630, but I rarely sleep until it does). 

The only good thing about mornings is that I know there will be a chance for food at some point. Usually not right away, as I have to get the kids up and out the door, but at SOME point, I'll get an english muffin or cereal or something! 

It's especially hard when it's cold outside, like it is now.

I actually don't mind the act of waking up....It's the getting out of my nice toasty bed that I find loathsome. There isn't a Snuggie in all the land that can replicate that delicious stretching in bed feeling. 

It snowed this weekend and I half expected the schools to be on a delay this morning, but they weren't. So, bundled the kiddos off and now I'm reading. 

I may, or may not, have lunch with a friend later. Her daughter is home sick, but we're just playing it by ear to see if the wee one feels better in a bit. My friend is having a neighbor come by to watch the little one while my friend has an appointment, so we'll see how it goes. 

Either way, we'll have lunch at some point this week or next or whenever. No hurries. 

I'm going back to my book and then it'll be time to get the Evil Twin up for breakfast and we'll see what the rest of Monday brings along then. 

Lots to say this week and no time to fully discuss it all this morning, so talk amongsts yourselves, just don't talk about me. (just kidding....feel free to talk about me, especially if it's something flattering!). 

Have a great Monday and a great week, hooligans!