Friday, December 10, 2010

The Yearly Trek

We have our yearly visit to Tamarack scheduled for tomorrow. We meet up with 2 of my aunts, one uncle (we lost Uncle John in February) and my cousin. We have lunch and see Santa.

Typically, the weather turns awful right before our fun day is planned. Fingers crossed we'll wake up to NO SNOW in the morning and will be able to make the trip on down the road.

We're not gone for long - it's pretty much: eat lunch, window shop (cause we can't afford anything there, except maybe a new piece of FiestaWare) and then make the 45 minute drive back home. So, don't anyone plan to rob us - we do have security! ;-)

This has been a tradition for my dad's side of the family for many years. First, it was my mom and dad, the Evil Twin, Buddy, me, my aunt & uncle and cousin from Lewisburg, and my aunt and uncle from Winston-Salem, NC. There was a bunch of us.

Then, my dad died. Then, my mom. A few years later, my Uncle John (Lewisburg). We DID add a member - Sissy - but our numbers still dwindle.

In light of yesterday's post, where I felt kept in the dark about knowing things, I'll post this video. It's short, but funny. The Evil Twin and I crack up every time it's on:


And, Happy Friday, hooligans!



  1. Safe travels. I love that commercial!

  2. Taco Party!?! I thought that was gonna go a totally different direction...

    Have a safe trip!

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  4. OK - the commercial is awesome. Perfect marketing!

  5. That IS a funny video. Damn, good stuff.

  6. Wait, 45 mins to get to Tamarack?? Don't you live in the Southern part of Kanawha county?

    Do you remember to stop for the tolls?? :-p

  7. My husband always wants to be invited to the taco party, eh eh eh.