Monday, December 7, 2009

Thanks, Snow

Because it snowed this weekend, we had to postpone our yearly trip to Tamarack. Since our weekend was suddenly freed up, we decided it would be a good time to bust out the ol' Christmas tree and do some decorating!

The Evil Twin started hauling up the boxes.

We have three large storage boxes.

These two hold part of my Hallmark ornament collection:

Once the ornaments are unboxed, the boxes go into another container:

This container was nearly full of boxes before we were finished.

The finished product:

And a close up:

There are a few presents under the tree already and Sissy can't quite grasp WHY she can't open them NOW.

It's gonna be a looooong wait for Christmas morning here! (Although I hope it goes by quickly!).

As I type, I notice that it is snowing outside again, so I need to do some research and see if the county is planning an early out on school or not. I hope the snow stops soon and it warms up enough to melt it! I am so moving to Key West Florida one of these days! :-)


  1. Pretty!

    Do you do the after Christmas clean up at Hallmark? Those ladies are vicious trying to get those marked down ornaments!

  2. Great looking tree... but your ornaments are waaaay to organized. What fun is it if the ornaments aren't a big mess?

  3. beautiful tree!!!

    We have a couple inches with a FOOT on the way. Utah and I are NOT friends. I want to move to the beach.

  4. Debra - Sadly, I belong to the national club and a local club. We get to cherry pick stuff the day before....

    Doc - I have an illness here with these ornaments. We do have a few non-Hallmark ornaments that do not receive the same love and attention.

    CuteElla - Thanks, sweetie!

    NCP - Thanks so much!

    WR - It makes the season seem REAL, doesn't it?

    A. - I say we start saving for that beach house now! :-)

  5. We're just getting our first snow of the winter season today, if you can call the lightest of dustings a snowfall.

    However I hear rumors of heavier snow on Wednesday. We have still to put up our tree but we are getting our Christmas Cards done up today.

  6. Beautiful tree, ETW. It is probably very difficult to get a 3 year old to grasp that she has to wait! Too cute.

  7. Tree is beautiful!

    Oh, and when you pick up and move to Key me, I'll be happy to go along! (just started snowing here..yuck!)

  8. Love the storage organization! Every year I say I will store everything better but every year I am too lazy when we're taking it down.

    The tree looks great BTW!

  9. Love the tree!

    No need to move as far south as key west...Charleston SC is warm, mostly, and it NEVER, EVER, snows! Ever.

  10. Barry - I still need to get my cards! Maybe tomorrow?

    The Dish - It is tough! Heck, it's hard for me to wait to see their faces!

    Gigi - Thanks!

    Chandra - Okay, you're in for 1/3 of the beach house. Start saving! ;-)

    LL - With Hallmark collectors, there's a sickness that governs the organization (for maximum $$ on the 2ndary mkt, but I don't plan on selling any of mine...I still get all uptight about storage).

    Mandy - the Evil Twin's brother, his wife and our nieces live in SC, so that would be fine with us!

  11. wow, that is a big box of rally nice ornaments!

    I am sorry about the snow... as after last year, I like you, so prefer it warm and sunny!

  12. hehe.. nice tree. you are very systematic when it comes to the deco. it is neat! :D its been pretty super cold and super dry in the mornings here. i can only imagine how extreme it must be when it snows. florida keys sounds like a nice idea :P

  13. Florida sounds good to me!

    Sorry your trip got delayed but your tree looks beautiful.

    I have a nine year old and I wouldn't even put presents out this early!! Once you put those gifts under the tree the wait becomes unbearable for kids.

  14. Your tree's beautiful. What a Hallmark ornament collection! We buy one or two every year (usually after season when they're on sale).

    My son has one gift under the tree so far. At first he was excited, then he wanted it put away because it was going to be too hard to look at for 3 weeks. He has since warmed up to it, and is enjoying guessing what it might be.