Monday, September 17, 2007

Buyer's Remorse

But, it's teaching a lesson....

Buddy had been talking, non-stop, about a game he wanted for his Nintendo DS. He went on and on and on about it. He had saved some money and wanted to go to Game Stop to buy it. We had some friends over on Saturday from about 2 pm til 8 ish, so we weren't able to go on Saturday.

On Sunday, out of the kindness of his heart, the Evil Twin took Buddy to the Game Stop and let him purchase the game. Of course, the game and a carrier he wanted went over a few dollars, plus we always end up chipping in on the taxes (can't get away from 'em!). The Evil Twin told Buddy to really look around the store and see what they had used (those are cheaper) or if there might be anything else he wanted more.

Buddy said, "No." He wanted only THAT game. So, they brought it home and Buddy started playing immediately. Well, he doesn't really understand how to play and then later on, he mentioned that he wanted to take it back, but I told him once it was opened, they'd only exchange it for the same thing. Well, he hemmed and hawed and carried on.

I told him to be lucky it was only $30 of allowance and not more than that. I explained that everyone makes rash purchases and may later regret it. It's one of those great - if not sad - lessons in life.

He's still trying to figure out ways he can earn money around the house (not like he does the chores he's supposed to for the inflated allowance he gets anyway), so he can re-coup his losses and buy a better, different game. This whole gaming thing is starting to drive me nuts and I may just cut him off entirely. He wants the Wii for Christmas, and I had originally planned on making that happen, but I just don't know now.

I don't think I'm gonna survive his teen years.....


  1. You're going to need to start building your supply of wine now. Wine will be the only thing between you and the nut house.


    My medicine of choice is vodka of course, but it helps.


    Be thankful you don't have two teen aged daughters. The clothing/boyfriend/sharing a room/monthly bitch fest thing can easily turn anyone into an incoherent lush.


  2. One word (actually, it's two words, divided by the dot, but...:

    You'll never pay full price again.

  3. He may just learn because he spent his money....Oh, so you think it ends at the teen years??? WRONG. My kids are either close to or in their 40' are always a mother.

  4. My HUSBAND loves the video games, too.

    I second the recommendation.

    I purchase most of my books there, and Chachi sells his games.

  5. What game is it and where is he having trouble? I might be able to help you out using my Things' expertise. Seems they know how to play most EVERY game.

    Also, look up cheats and walkthroughs online. They can be a huge help.