Friday, September 21, 2007

All Things Right

Today was one of those days where I woke up to get Buddy ready for school and felt well-rested and chipper, which for me to say that about myself at 6:30 am is really something. I am not a morning person. Anyway, I woke up and felt excellent, so I showered quickly and got myself ready before 8:30 even. Sissy woke up right around the time the Evil Twin was leaving for work and I got her breakfast and dressed for the day.

After our mid-morning snack (a blueberry waffle - one for her, one for me), we went to Kohl's for some retail therapy. It took a whole lot of willpower for me to NOT purchase the nearly $400 KitchenAid stand mixer. I really want one! Maybe for Christmas? However, I did get two really cute tops, a pair of leggings, new sheets for the ET and me and Sissy got a cute purple zip up "sweatshirt-like" jacket. I also got.... a pair of Vera Wang shoes. Okay, it's the Simply Vera line that Kohl's has now, but OMGosh!!! They are soooo cute!

Then we come to the bummer - it's Friday Night and that means Friday Night Freakshow, which means I am banned from doing laundry since my utility room is on the same level as the den where FNFS takes place (which is to say, the basement - fully finished though, so more house like than dank and scary basement like).

And, I really want to wash those sheets! I only have a few more weeks before the Evil Twin dictates that the flannel sheets come out of hiding and land on our bed. I think he might be the only man who enjoys flannel sheets... can't blame him, really, they ARE comfy. I'll be curious to find out if the new windows make a difference in the temperature in our bedroom - which is typically the coldest room upstairs.

Well, since I can't do laundry, perhaps I'll just vacuum a bit. The replacement hose I got for my Electrolux is so much lighter than the old hose. Get this -- when I went into the shop with my broken hose, the guy says, "Wow, you have an older model." Since I inherited it from my mom, I couldn't remember when she bought it, but turns out it's from the mid 80s. We also own the one my mom bought prior to the main one that she bought in the later 60s, early 70s and it's still going strong, too!

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  1. I spent last nite on an air mattress with flannel sheets (not cool, not cool at all) after a night of debauchery with old high school buddies at OSU. Oh, and I bought two great CD's at Singin' Dog on Saturday!