Thursday, September 20, 2007

I'm Hooked....

On Survivor again, already. Tonight was the premiere for the new season and I eagerly waited all day for 8 pm. I made sure that Sissy was bathed and in bed prior to 8 and that the floors were vacuumed and swiffered. I was able to hold off on laundry until after 9 pm- even if I was twitching thinking about it! I did finish it up and everything is folded and hung in its' rightful place now.

Of course, tomorrow will bring another load and I also have a load of clean dishes that need to be taken out of the dishwasher and a load of dirties that need to be loaded.

I'm kinda hoping that the Evil Twin will return to the main floor soon (he's down on his computer) and help me out with some things.... Hee hee.


We've been having a ton of fun out in our backyard on these cooler, more relaxing days. The Evil Twin has come to love the "hammock", which is, frankly, mine only. I only spent a few moments in it this afternoon before Buddy came out and wanted to join me and talk incessently about lord knows what. I tried to tune it out, but I'm sure it was video game related. I just wanted to lounge in the hammock ALL BY MYSELF for a bit. Go ahead, and call me selfish, I've earned it.

Besides, when Buddy does come out back, he and I play a game that involves two suction cup paddles and a ball. We have a great time keeping score of who gets the most "stickers", and I usually win. I have a special victory dance, which the Evil Twin captured on camera earlier. It should be documented on a video cam too, it's the greatest victory dance, ever:


  1. Yes, definitely video tape. Then pod cast.

    My, but you are a tiny one!

  2. We had something like that when I was a kid called Sticky Finger. It was a huge finger with a suction cup in the end that was activated with a button on the base of the large finger. It came with a small ball that you tossed back and forth.