Wednesday, June 9, 2010

First Day of Summer Vacation

Aaaaand, it's raining buckets. That's okay. I didn't have anything planned for today and I went to the grocery yesterday, so everything is good and well.

At the store, I picked up a metric assload of potting soil (well, Buddy helped me lift it) - and it was a chore for BOTH of us. We managed to get it in the "trunk" of the van and then I left it there for the Evil Twin to deal with later.

He had laughed at us when we said it was SO heavy, but after he lifted it, he agreed that it is one big heavy bag of soil. LOL. If it stops raining today, perhaps I can get out and clear my "garden" area - it's really just a rectangular raised brick area to the side of the patio.

I'm not very adventurous when it comes to planting, but at least I try.

I also try to visit all the blogs I follow and leave a comment. However, I have noticed comments here have dropped off to almost nothing.

Am I doing something wrong? I know I haven't been replying to comments as I had in the past, but the last week or so of the school year always has me on the run. And, I just haven't had time to comment HERE, but I DO comment at other sites. Will it take another cleavage shot to get people back here? I don't know, but it's depressing as hell.

Add to that: We've lost several good friends over the past couple of months. Not lost to death, but just lost due to assorted circumstances. It makes me sad and I'm not online as much as I have been in the past. I guess I just don't understand why a difference of opinions makes people pull away (and it's not us doing the pulling).

We're both conservatives. I'm tired of being labeled a "nutter" for my views. I don't judge or label others...oh well... Life goes on, right? And I don't even post my views here, ever. I just keep it to myself.

Happy Wednesday, hooligans!


  1. I've seen several bloggers mention comments decreasing. I blame it on Twitter, Facebook and the nice weather :)

  2. Yes, summer seems to decrease online activity for many. And who said you're a "nutter" for your views? Everyone is entitled to their own views. I never got that whole "if you don't agree with my opinion, I don't want to be friends" thing. Aren't we past third grade?

  3. And you know what else? I haven't talked to you in FOREVER!

    Miss you!

    I'm positive the comments will come back! We need to do something big for Friday and pimp it all week on here and on Twitter...maybe that would help?! Lol

  4. I don't mind you being a nutter... ummm... I mean being labeled a "nutter" ;-) after all I'm one of them crazed liberals...

  5. i love your blog... sorry i havent been commenting like normal... just some days.. my minds blank... i will try and do better!! :-)

    God Bless

  6. i've been busy!!!! :p got a 3.7 last semester!

    but if you wanna show a cleavage shot...

  7. You still get more comments than me :)

  8. I think online traffic falls off every year about this time. The kids are just getting out of school and the weather is nice so people are finding things to do.

    Except for me of course. Nothing ever changes much around here. LOL ;-)

  9. Comment Request Granted-
    I think your blogs are entertaining and hilarious. I enjoy reading them each time you post and am anxiously awaiting your return visits to the pool to deal with the fool which is by the way my favorite post of yours. I will personally make a concerted effort to comment more. :)

  10. It's the darn RSS feeds - I'm never actually AT the blogs anymore.

    Also... I kinda enjoy being labeled a nutter... who want's to be all "normal"?

  11. It has been raining here all week! My kids are going to go crazy if I don't get them outside to play more.

  12. I read every day, just don't comment. So I'm here, simply quietly :-)

  13. ahh - so being a conservative, you'd be a right nut. Me being of a more liberal bent would be a left nut. But can't we all just get along, like a big ol' can of mixed nuts?

    Trying to think of a good secret for Friday . . .

  14. I feel like a horrible blog reader, because I totally use RSS . . . yet, yours is one of the blogs that I MUST check in on regularly.

    I need to do more with my garden - I haven't even planted anything yet. I have some tomato plants in a side yard that are slowly & surely dying. Maybe if the rain stops, I'll manage something when I get home.

  15. I think everyone's going through this. I've been a bit apathetic to my own blog lately. Maybe it's Spring Fever. Or Summer Fever. Or whatever.

  16. I'm gulity. Still read your blog everyday but lately I can't seem to get my thoughts together and I'v been so darn busy at work,ugh.

    (We had the torential downpours yesterday::with a few tornados thrown in the mix::Gotta love Spring weather!)

    Happy first day of Summer Break!

  17. My comments are down too.

    I have had trouble getting some comment boxes open. It took almost 3 minutes for yours to open so I could say this, and when you are reading over 100 blogs - that's a looooong time!!

  18. As I have been posting less, I've noticed others have been as well. I notice this because my Google Reader doesn't stack up to 100 + as quickly as it used to. Makes sense if people are posting less they are commenting less too. I attribute it to summer.

    I'm still here and still a fan, even if I don't comment on every post!

  19. The might be a relationship between boobs and comments...

    I don't know...and heck, conservatives are mostly an ok bunch...'tis a shame to ruin a relationship over politics...bummer for that.

  20. Still here. Just reading silently to myself. Carry on.

  21. "not very adventurous when it comes to planting"

    You worry to much. Plants will live or die. If they die, buy new one's.

    "another cleavage shot"

    That's a start. Use Matt-man as a picture roll model.

    And Jay's right. Traffic has fallen off because of the time of year.

  22. Comments always drop off at this time of the year. I dunno why. BUT BRING ON THE BOOBIES!

  23. You have not been to my page in ages!!!! Yetm here I am like the good little girl that I am...

    Just teasing. You know I love you!

  24. I haven't been doing the whole blogging thing much at all this summer. I want to know what everyone's up to, but then I think about the past posts I've missed and how long it'll take to catch up, and it gets kind of daunting, you know? Catching up now, though! ;)