Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday Secrets June 25

Woo-hoo! Another Friday just chock full of secrets! And a Mystery Photo, too. None of the secrets or the pic are mine. Enjoy!

1. Am I the only woman in the world who loves anal sex?

2. Mystery Pic:

3. Once I gave my lover a blow job in the living room while my husband was taking a shower in the next room.  Why make only one man happy when I can make two ecstatic?

4. I totally get off on taking very naughty pictures for my bf.  I think I might even like taking them more than he likes seeing them.  It's so fun to be so dirty ;-)

5. I have done a lot of research on this topic in the form of looking at pictures of nude men posted on the Internet.  I have concluded that my penis is fairly normal in both length and girth.  Thank you to those men who have helped me in my research. I'm still conducting the research on how my wife's boobs compare to other women's boobs on the Internet.  This may take a bit more research though. Again, thank you to all the participants for kindly submitting your data.

6. Today I used the phrase "if it weren't for the fact that we were both married, this would be the healthiest sexual relationship I've ever had".

7. For the past few years I've fantasized a lot about suicide.  I call it "fantasize" because like a sexual fantasy, It's nothing I'd really do, but I do think about it, especially during/after a fight my spouse.

Most of the time it involves getting myself into a traffic accident.  Either with me driving or jumping in front of a car/truck while walking.  Once I was walking down the road and I was trying to think of the most effective way to get myself hit by a car. I need to be on this road because the traffic is faster. I need to pick a bigger vehicle. I need to make sure I "trip" in front of it so the vehicle drives over me and doesn't just throw me into the air.  I need to make it look like an accident so that the life insurance will pay out for my death. 

Sometimes it is with a handgun. One time I remember that frightens me a little I remember sitting on the couch and even though there was nothing in my hand, I could feel the weight of the gun and feel the texture of the handgrip.

I'd never do it in reality.  I've never told anyone this before.  I don't think I'm crazy.

Remember: There is no judging here at Casa Evil Twin. People want/need to share things and we all need to be aware that, while we may or may not agree, we don't leave negative comments about the senders of the secrets.

Happy Friday, hooligans!


  1. Number 3 is an asshole and probably not someone who could make anyone "ecstatic". Well, any thinking person. The pic is kinda hot though. Cheers ETW!!

  2. Am I the only guy in the world who doesn't like anal sex?

  3. Doc- I'm betting a lot of guys don't like anal sex. I've heard it can be uncomfortable. LOL.

    Great secrets this week! Happy Friday, ETW :-)

  4. I'm sorry, but I'm having a hard time telling if the mystery pic is a dude or a woman. Is it just me?

  5. So that mystery pic person is a cop. That should make it easier to figure out who it is, right? ;-)

  6. one of these days, i will send you something for a friday secret.

    one day.

  7. 1. Probably not. Lots of nerves converge in that area.

    2. Hmmm... The hands look kind of manly, but the belly looks like a chick. Maybe a manicure?

    3. Gutsy! Ecstatic? Really? I'd like to make *one* guy ecstatic. What's your secret?

    4. I'ma try that! Although, I think my husband would probably faint with shock!

    5. Definitely a lot of material out there for comparison, no?

    6. Too bad! Although, I'm willing to bet that if you both weren't otherwise attached, the glow would wear off pretty quick.

    7. You're not alone, but I don't think that's a very healthy fantasy. I don't think you're crazy, but you do sound disturbed. I might seek counseling on that one.

    Great Secrets! Although, I think Matt-Man violated the "negative comments" rule (ha!).

  8. #2 - Betting this is the panty-guy who writes every week or so. Nice tuck! If it's a female, then, nice arms!

    #3- Wow! Brave! Guessing lover and hubby are friends if he'd leave you in the living room with him while he showered. Sounds like a recipe for disaster, but maybe that's what made it more exciting?

    #6 - I agree that your marital status is probably what makes it feel more satisfying in your mind. It's harder to have to live with someone and keep the sex sexy. Watching them let their toenail clippings fly around the bedroom just isn't that hot.

    #7 - Everyone thinks about suicide sometimes. I'm worried that you are making a plan, and that's not good. Is there someone you trust you can share with? Please think about the innocent vehicle driver in your equation. Would you want to make them live with that guilt all their lives? They'll feel it, even if they are found to be 100% without fault.

  9. 1) Probably not. I have to have copious amounts of wine before it's even discussed.

    2) That's nothing but a dude. Dude hands, dude arms, and you can see the "tuck".

    3) How was that making your husband "ecstatic" exactly? Was he rubbing one out while you were sucking off his friend? Cuz I can totally see that being a turn-on. I'm wet just thinking about that. :)

    4) Nice! Naughty pics are great, until they get turned into weapons! Be careful.

    5) Pics of your junk, please, so we'll know. :)

    6) I hear ya.

    7) I think you should maybe talk to someone about this. My stomach is in knots after reading this. Please. Get some advice from a professional.

  10. I thought it was a man too, but I wasn't sure. The belly ring is throwing me off. Interesting.

  11. I'm currently also conducting some research on boobs. I've been studying the subject for the last twenty or thirty years and will most likely complete it in another forty or so years.

  12. Good secrets!

    The pic is a guy.

    Everyone things about suicide at some point in their life and that is definitely not a fantasy.

  13. Awesome secrets this week!

    I can't even respond to most of them because that would just be too much info about me!

    #7: I think your sharing with the group was a healthy exercise. If you ever feel like it is getting beyond the fantasy state (which I think is probably a normal occurrence for most people at some point or another in their lives) you should use your anonymous e-mail address to contact one of the regulars here just to vent. I'm sure any one of us would be willing to lend an ear.

  14. @ Anonymous 3) How was that making your husband "ecstatic" exactly? Was he rubbing one out while you were sucking off his friend? Cuz I can totally see that being a turn-on. I'm wet just thinking about that. :)

    You are marriage material!

  15. Some interesting secrets this week :)
    And some great comments too!


  16. i haven't been here in forever, so i'm catching up! :) love the pic!

  17. I took your advice and changed the layout, and the pic is centered! Thanks:)

  18. 7. Vitamins. Specifically magnesium. It's be shown that people that do the act are low on magnesium.

    So when you're feeling down take a vitamin. As a matter of fact, take one every day (I do, Centrum, vitamins and minerals). When somebody tells you your throwing money away look at them and go, "Yeah, SO WHAT!"

  19. wow...ummm that's all i got is wow! lol

  20. @ #1: No you aren't!

  21. Wow, ETW you got a lot of Anon people coming through. And #1 your far from it, people just don't admit to liking it - cowards :)

  22. Just reading these since I've been out of town. WOW! WOW! WOW!

    The picture totally looks like a girl until you look at the arms and hands...very masculine...can't figure that one out.


  23. K, as an interloper, I breathed a sigh of relief...I commented on your foodie blog having blurfed in from blog to blog to blog. Then I realized O S__t! this may be some very nice presbyterian woman who would be offended if she clicks my direction..:)

    I see I am in good company.