Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday Secrets May 28

It's that time o' the week again! My best day ever! :-)

1. I was set free this week! I walked the dog around my yard bare naked (me, not the dog) 2 nights this week!  I live in the city limits here in Charleston and have neighbors! Talk about a boner-maker!

2. To #9 from last week:

My wife and I were feeling frisky while in an adult toy store 3 years ago.  I saw some "equipment" and joked a little about it.  To my surprise, the wife said we should try it.  Now it is definitely not for everyone, but I gotta tell you, when she gets me with the strap-on, I cum harder than I ever do without.  I don't feel the least bit gay (not that there is anything wrong with that).  It just feels freakin' fantastic once you relax, get over all the "what if this makes me like men" crap in your head, etc.

Go get some toys of your own (and lots of lube) and give it a go.  Make sure you get something rated for ass-play as you don't want to have to make a trip to the ER and have to explain anything to the crowd of docs and nurses that would surely gather.

3. My neighbor across the quad undresses with her curtains open. I watch when I can and masturbate. I think she knows.

4. When I do my laundry I sometimes sniff my gf's panties.

5. In the middle of a threesome, two guys and a girl, the other guy started sucking me off. It freaked me out for a second but I did not push him away. He was actually very good.

6. I can't stop thinking about #9 from last week.  I want the strap-on too.  

7. I got drunk last night & called my ex-wife.  I was actually hoping for a booty call (which was common when we 1st split up, but not for a few years), but having her tell me about (in detail) how much she wanted to suck my dick was enough to get me off.  :)  The sex was always the best part of out marriage, so why not take the good WITHOUT the bad???

8. I assisted a married woman in getting herself off this morning from my desk here at my office...

9. She said she wasn't interested.  I honestly expected as much.  Still.  Yeah this fucking sucks.

10. I secretly think my dog hates me. I buy him toys and treats but he still won't come to me when I call him.

11. Why am I supposed to work on it when she says she doesn't believe we'll ever be able to fix it?

12. The biggest fight my girlfriend and I have had was over Starwars.  Where I believe that the empire was faulty since it was taken out by a bunch of Ewoks!!!

I did not get a mystery pic and I'm growing tired of my same old schtick. Any suggestion? Must be rated PG! ;-)

Happy Friday, hooligans!


  1. Great Secrets as always ETW... Im sorry I just can't imagine the strap on thing though...

  2. As for Number 4? I not only sniff my girlfriend's panties I wear them. Boo Yah!! Cheers ETW!!

  3. Can I just say how hard I laughed at I think my dog hates me !! All this sex stuff going on and then that !! Loved it ! The strap on seems to be more popular than I would have thought. You guys are kinky Whoo-Hoo! Love a man who is secure enough to experiment ! That rules.

    And #9 - there's other fish in the sea baby

  4. Great bunch of secrets this week, lol, love it!

    And #10, maybe your dog is deaf.

  5. See I have this problem with a strap on...My husband and I firmly believe it's an 'exit' only...but that's just us...So surprised so many people are into it.

    All great secrets though! Love Fridays!

  6. Good secrets this week.

    As far as suggestions are concerned, I say, keep em guessing. Sometimes a pic...some times not. Sometimes maybe post what others have contributed.

  7. I'm with The Chick on the dog cracking me up, and with Mrs. D that the dog may be deaf. But, Big Dog hated me for the first two years we had him. He was a one-person dog and that person was the hub. If the dog reacts to loud noises, then it isn't deaf. Maybe the owner should try making smooching sounds or whistling for the dog or something. Girl Dog has a Irish Gaelic name. She would not come to it for a long time. She'd just look at me like "What the fuck kinda name is that?" But, she knew c'mon right outta the box, so I worked with that.

  8. On the picture thingy, your blog/your rules. If it's NSFW, you may want to put it up where they can click a link to it without it showing on its own. But, C.Rag used to put up all kinds of shit right out front. (Remember the smurf porn with real people painted blue?) You might get an adult content warning like some blogs get if folks report it, but that's it.

  9. Wow! Great secrets as usual.

    Suggestions: feet, hands, elbows. Not my thing, but with this group of freaks, I'm sure there are one or two folks who will soil the screen at the sight of a well manicured big toe.

    Another idea: Extreme close-ups. So close that you can't even tell what it is, but you just assume it is something good. Have you seen that picture of what appears to be a well tanned thong, then the shot is zoomed out and you see that it is a big ham or something wrapped in string.

    Or: just continue to show us your boobs.

  10. 10 - our dog is ok, but I am absolutely positive our cats would kill us in our sleep if they had opposable thumbs so they could open the food can by themselves...

  11. I have to say, I do enjoy reading your Friday secrets. :o) I've been following for a bit now and I'm just starting to get used to the in's and out's of this site. Forgive me if this is a silly question, but how do I send in secrets?

  12. The Empire taken out by Ewoks...friggin' hilarious. That's right up there with the Ethical debate over whether the Rebel Alliance caused thousands of innocent deaths in Collateral Damage in RETURN OF THE JEDI since the second Death Star was not yet completed and would have had independent contractors (and is an Evil Empire after all) working on the Electrical, plumbing, dry-wall, etc.....after all, can anyone really see a Stormtrooper using a hammer?

  13. Did you ever see the video of the Ewoks dancing and humping legs on the Today show?