Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Say Hello to my Little Friend

Sissy has been harping on about pets lately. You know we have that little asshole, Apple (the parakeet). Apple IS hand trained, meaning he will freely fly into and out of his cage and even hang out with us (mostly on our heads), but he is also prone to nipping with his beak and he kinda likes to make a racket sometimes. Usually, when we're trying to hear something on the TV or talk to one another.

Plus, Sissy is terrified of him out of the cage. In the cage, she's good.

The Evil Twin and I started to very cautiously talk about the possibilities. We have a nice yard, although it's only 3/4 fenced (one side is open - which I like, but doesn't help with keeping a dog on the property). Our town has such strict leash laws and noise ordinances, I have only seen one dog wandering around in the 5+ yrs we've lived here and we almost never hear barking. Unlike our old neighborhood - Buddy couldn't even play outside because the neighbors behind us had a rottweiler who could jump the fence.

I was determined to NOT let my child be a chew toy. So, we spent what little time outdoors we could manage in the front yard.

The Evil Twin and I kept talking. I had a calico cat years ago who I loved with all my heart and soul. She was beautiful, smart and had a great disposition. I really wanted another calico. So, I searched and searched. None to be found in our area, but in BFE Kentucky, one shelter had exactly what I had in mind. But, if there is any shelter on this Earth that needs adoptions and help, this one is it. The animals appeared to be very well cared for, but the shelter itself was so far out in the boondocks, they probably don't get much business.

BELLA: (in my purse)

She looks SO much like my beloved Chingate, it's scary. Of course, being only 8 weeks old, she's into everything!

Sissy and I drove over 300 miles (both ways) and into some of the scariest hollars I have ever seen. We took some of the scariest "kiss your ass" curves I've ever driven and when Sissy upchucked a bit, I figured she was motion sick like her brother. I put the motion sick bands on her wrists and carried on. Several miles later, she spewed copious amounts of vomit.

She woke up this morning at 3 AM to join me on the couch, where I was asleep with Bella, only to throw up a few more times. I had an appointment with my hoo-ha doctor, but had to call and cancel it. I have several other pressing matters I cannot cancel, so I need to get to work *soon*.

Did you know that nearly 96% of calicos are female? The very few males are born with an extra chromosome and they are sterile.

Bella will be visiting the vet tomorrow and getting some shots. Then, we'll schedule the spay. I hate that for her, but a cat in heat and prone to sneak out and be all slutty is even worse.

The kids adore her - as do the Evil Twin and I - and she seems to be very comfortable and happy in her new forever home.

I will discuss Flatimir tomorrow - and speculate on the reasons of his demise. Stay tuned for that. I'll probably get pictures, too! :-)

Happy Tuesday, hooligans - I have a shit ton of work to do today.


  1. Cats rawk. Dogs are okay but they're stupid. Cats have a certain panache and independent attitude. I like that. Here's to a happy Bella. Cheers ETW!!

  2. I know people have been screaming for pictures of your "kitty" on Fridays, but this isn't what they meant. :-) It is a cute little thing though

  3. Awww! Congrats on the new baby! We got out kitty at a shelter too and it was the best experience for me. I was so glad to save a life and we got a really great cat out of it.

  4. Do you ACTUALLY have hollars ??? What are they ? Do you still try to shoot revnooers ?

    Really cute kitty !!

  5. So cute. Good luck with her and your curtains, furniture, and future christmas ornaments.

  6. I'm allergic to cats. But, if they never get to go outside it isn't as bad. Anyway, cats know who is allergic to them and who isn't. And they looooooooooove me. haha

  7. Aw. She's cute...and I don't even like cats. Welcome to the family, Bella!

  8. Please tell me you did not name that adorable little feline after a Twilight character ... please???

  9. speaking of naming pets after twilight characters, my best friend just named his new puppy "bella".


  10. So cute! I love cats. So easy to take care of, put a little food & water out, BAM, insta pet! Except for the liter...I could live without cleaning the liter box!

    Oh, I like the name. If it were my kids naming it..they would be all original and call it...kitty, or catty...at least the name ya'll picked is popular! (Bella could also be from Beauty & the Beast...that's what I'm hoping anyway!) :)

  11. I love her face! Give her a kiss from me!

  12. Don't let Bella near the shed. Flatimir may have a brother in there.

  13. Bella is adorable. She looks a lot like a cat I had years ago, Callie, I know very clever name, huh? lol

  14. It makes me so happy that you drove all that way to adopt from a shelter! That kitty needed you!

    We had a calico growing up but it was white not black. Your kitty is a really pretty! (Rhyming not on purpose)

    Also I would really like to come visit and drive through Hollers. It is my dream to visit real Hollers.