Thursday, May 13, 2010


This has been such a weird week. Tuesday were the primary elections here, so the Evil Twin and Buddy were both home. The Evil Twin had taken Monday off as a vacation day, so he could have a four day weekend.

I've been so off my routine, it's making me crazy. Yesterday, it rained buckets all day. I was going to go to the Mart of Wal, but didn't need anything desperately enough that the trip couldn't wait 'til today, so today it is.

I think I may be able to shift my grocery day from Monday to mid-week, which is nice. I hated starting my week out having to grocery shop.

By the time I get my days back on track, it'll be Monday again! Sheesh!

It HAS been a good week, though. I was able to have some down time, we got the vinyl siding estimate that I was worried would be sky high - so that calmed my anxiety down several notches.

While I spent that evening going back and forth about what to do, I wished that I had some sort of part time job I could do from home. Just to bring in a bit of extra income.

I do freelance typing for a few people, but the work is not steady. I had done some typing last week and still had one letter I needed to get to my client. I called him on Wednesday to let him know it had been ready for some time (turns out he had been out of town last week, so that's why he didn't stop by and get it then). He then offered me an opportunity to work from home! It won't be many hours, but it will be something I will do every month.

How cool is that? And, it's something I happen to enjoy doing anyway and I'm good at it. I can't really go into much detail - it's totally legal, but it involves personal financial matters. I'm especially flattered that I am trusted enough for him to ask me to work with him on this project.

Speaking of being trusted, won't you trust me with a secret or two this week? You have until tomorrow morning +/- 9:00am (sometimes I slack on it until closer to 10 am, like today!) Send me email at No one has access to my computer except me and all secrets are deleted from my email as soon as I copy and paste them into a word document.

Unfortunately, Sissy found a recorder (flute type of instrument) in her brother's stash of stuff and has appropriated it for herself. She is currently using it as an instrument of torture by making up tuneless toots, I think it's a covert operation to drive me nuts (I don't have far to go). So, with that, I will jump in the shower and save myself a few moments of ear bleeding torture!

Happy Thursday, hooligans!


  1. Will your hookerlicious nails appreciate the typing work? Congrats anyway. Cheers ETW, and I hope your kid never discovers the trumpet like mine did!!

  2. Congrats on the job! Sissy and the recorder reminds me of my brother. At Christmas time he told me only someone with no kids would give my nephew the drum set that I bought him. He was not loving me so much, but my nephew was thrilled.

  3. I play Piano (not well) and the Harmonica. I really love the harmonica, it a real passion of mine. The recorder is a little like the harmonica in that its a wind instrument and not many people take it seriously ! If you can find some good music for her to play along with she might enjoy it more. Jethro Tull pops into mind (Flute) but maybe something simpler would be good.

    If it gets too bad there is always duct tape ;>)

  4. Congrats! That is awesome news. I wish I could find something little to bring in just a bit more. We're trying to save every penny we can for a house but it's stressful.

  5. Wow, think about it and you shall receive....Congrats ! That's great ! As for the bleeding ears - IPods are fascinating little devices to drown out life's annoyances :)

  6. Yay for being able to earn money from home!

    I could never stay focused enough to do it. I took home some work on Monday when my daughter was home sick. I think I managed 3 hours.

  7. Congrats on the freelance work, Honey. That rocks!

    Sissy is so cute. Toot, toot! ;)

  8. "He Said His Telephone Number Was 911"May 13, 2010 at 2:39 PM

    You have my sincerest sympathies, we went through two kids with recorders. That little torture device even spawned a couple of years of clarinet for my daughter. Great incentive to spend some time on the lawmower.

  9. LOL... congrats on the job. Hmmm... maybe if you tell her that when she tortures you with her tooter that it makes you want to review her vaccination records to make sure she has all her shots....

  10. ive been off my routine as well and thats reflected in my lack of blogging.

    ive given you an award that you can pick up on my page.

  11. Turn Sissy on to some Jehtro Tull and also have her learn that Low Rider song. Darn good use for a flute.

  12. Small children finding Recorders is the worst torture ever.

    Congrats on the extra income! That is really great news. Don't you love it when things just fall in your lap like that?