Monday, May 3, 2010

PreSchool Round Up

I got Sissy registered for preschool on Thursday. It's not the same preschool that Buddy attended, so I was unfamiliar with how things would work there. Luckily, I had all my paperwork in order.

They did a vision and hearing screening and speech assessment. She passed everything with flying colors! (That's my girl!).

When I registered Buddy for preschool, I think all I needed was his birth certificate and immunization record. It wasn't until Kindergarten where I needed all the additional info and where he went through the hearing/vision screening, etc.

The school where she will attend preschool is not where she will attend Kindergarten. Our district school will not be ready to offer public preschool until 2012, so I had to choose a different location.

I requested the afternoon option. It runs from 10:45 to 1:55, Monday through Thursday. That will give me so much time to go grocery shopping (ALONE!), go to the tanning bed (ALONE!), read a book (ALONE!), pay bills (ALONE!).

As you can see, I like being alone. I also plan on setting up lunch dates with the few other moms I know who stay at home, but have school aged children.

Besides, I think Sissy is really ready for the socialization. I think she gets bored here with me sometimes - following me around while I do laundry, empty the dishwasher, etc. etc. It doesn't give me much time to play with her or read to her. And, I feel bad about that.

She really needs to get out and interact with children her age. Some moms are sad about sending their little crotch rockets off to school, but not me. I'm happy to see them expand their horizons and grow into the people they will be.

The only thing worrying me at this point is that she has asked if I will be there with her. I said, "No, mommy will drop you off, you can play with your friends and mommy will be back to pick you up." She had to kind of think about that for a bit. She didn't comment further, so I'm just hoping when the time comes, she is okay with me walking away.

She's a pretty independent little cuss, so she'll most likely be like her older brother. When I dropped him off on the first day of preschool - me, on the verge of tears - he looked at me and said, "Bye, mommy!" and ran off to play.


On another note, since we're quickly moving toward the summer break, I have been asked to be on the board for the pool we belong to. So, if I run into Miss Smarty Pants this summer, I can really lay down the law for her. I hope she'll enjoy being pwned.

Happy Monday, hooligans - I'm off to the Mart of Wal, as usual! :-)

PS. Don't forget about Friday Secrets. If I receive some good ones, I'll offer up an interesting HNT shot the day before!


  1. i need to get my baby girl in to preschool... i just havent had the energy to do my research on them yet... and i need to find out $$ and times.. and sitter issues... *sigh* i wish i didnt have to worry about all that. :-( oh well.

    Happy Monday!

  2. when i was a kid, on my first day of preschool some other kid threw a tantrum and peed his pants screeming that he wanted his "baby ba-ba".... later on it turned out that that was his blankie.

  3. I keep hearing about moms being sad that their kids are going to school... but every mom I know does a little happy dance when their kids leave for school... so I think they're just mythical...

  4. That's a way to get secrets, bribery! Well done.

    I cried when Ace started pre-k but just a little. When Deuce starts I will need medication. He's my baby! Ace didn't mind me leaving him, he was so ready to play. Turns out, being home with me was a bore. Who knew?

  5. I don't think I had pre-school, but I do remember having to walk my happy ass to kindergarten on my own. Had to walk three miles to school uphill, both ways.

  6. I recently drove by the place where I went to pre-school. You wouldn't believe all the cool stuff they have on the playground. I'm so jealous.

  7. Awesome! Sissy will love it.

  8. Yea for Sissy! She's going to love it, especially if she is the social butterfly you say she is!

    I should say YEA for you as well...alonge time, hells ya! What I wouldn't do for some alone time!

  9. our state is offering public (free) Preschool now, you might want to call your school district and see if they have the same thing.

    fattie20xl - ROFL!!

    JP - I can see it with the first one, but after that---pshaw! Mythical.

    Mrs. D - we're a boring bunch! LOL.

    Ron - You and the Evil Twin! LOL.

    Jay - this school has a playground JUST for the preK kids! Neat!

    Karen - I think she will too!

    Chandra - Alone time has been in very short supply here for , oh, about 4 years! LOL.

  10. Pre-school through the district here is only for deployed military families and those with economic hardships.

    My son is in a private one though that he absolutely loves.

  11. My girl starts preschool in the fall, too! I am so excited for her, and ME!!

  12. I dont have kids so I can't really comment on this - but when I was a kid and went to preschool, I cried a lot. LOL. :P

  13. I'm with you - I think preschool is so important for little ones, a short day gets them ready for Kindergarten so that full time school will be less stressful for them. I bet Sissy doesn't look back!

  14. I just picked up the paperwork to enroll Q. in preK today. He is super excited. Me? Not so much. I have been home with him for basically his whole life and I'm just not really sure how I feel about it yet. Thankfully I now have the baby to distract me, so it should all be good. Gah.