Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Secrets

The secrets get better each week! Enjoy them!

1. Last year, I met a married guy online and indulged him in his foot fetish on 3 different occasions.  The first time, we met in a shoe store, and he said he'd buy me any pair of shoes I wanted.  Then we went back to my place and I did naughty things to him with my feet.  The next two times, he gave me $100 to "help me with my bills".  The third (and last) time we were together, I deep-throated him with one foot while using the other foot to massage his junk.  All 3 times we met up, I remained fully clothed while he was naked.  I never let him touch me above the knees.  I had to end it though because how do you top deep-throating someone with your foot?!  Yes, I prostituted my feet.

2. I'm a gay guy and I'm hooking up with a guy who has a partner - they're in an open relationship and the partner lives two hours away... anyway, I had a shitty year so Im not up for dating but I'd date this guy in a heartbeat. And he doesn't help because he tells me things like how I'm such a great guy, I'm so awesome, (most recent text, just as I'm typing this... "I've never met ANYONE like you before! You're amazing!") etc. So its a killer of a situation. But for now, he's taken and I'm broken. Men suck! :)

3. "#6 - on the nosey. Too bad it's only cleavage, though. It's almost like proudly showing off a vintage muscle car, but never popping the hood to display the real source of the horsepower! It would be a crime if I selfishly kept all that to myself, as I'm sure most of the male commenters here would agree."

I hope you won't be offended but I totally spanked frank over that picture of your wife on Thursday.  The wedding ring does it for me, and of course, she does it for me and every guy who enjoys her writing. 

Not to worry, no stalking action here, just wanted to let you know that your arm candy works for me!


Now, I am off to enjoy my own wife. ;)   

4. I have successfully developed a separate identity and have gotten to be good friends on Facebook and Twitter with people who would probably not want me knowing the things they talk about.  In fact, it's how I know about your Friday Secrets. Obviously, the email account I used to send this is not mine.

5. When I have to travel out of town for business, I actually sleep better alone in my hotel bed than I do at home with my wife.  But I tell her just the opposite. The truth would devastate her.  

Happy Friday, hooligans!


  1. Good stuff, and Mr. Number 5? When I was married and on the road often, I felt the same way as you. Cheers ETW!!

  2. #5, I totally get it. Sleeping alone is underrated.

  3. Great secrets.. i didnt realize how much i look forward to this till this morning! lol.

    Happy Friday!

    Overthinking Mama

  4. #4 is creepy... THIS is the reason people don't trust others on the internet.

  5. @#5- I think it's fairly common that you sleep better without your worries

    @#1-I don't get the whole foot fetish thing..I mean, feet are disgusting. Why anybody wants to suck on toes is beyond me BUT..whatever works I suppose!

  6. #4 is a little bothersome. *Looks through followers list on Twitter* haha

    I don't get the whole foot fetish thing either. But hey! Whatever tickles your pickle.

  7. #1: I don't mind publicly stating that my feet are horrendous. I'm sure many women have nice feet, but all it takes is for me to look at my own toes and the thought of anybody sticking their feet in my mouth is a no go.

    But on the other hand, that's good work if you can get it.

    #2. You realize that if you made him yours he would be meeting someone else on the side.

    #3. Me too.

    #4. Wrong, but I love your style.

    #5. Don't tell her.

    I love Friday!

  8. wow.. #4, really?? Really?? Huh. That has us all reacting a

  9. #4: ETW, don't you usually announce that none of the secrets are yours?

    Yikes! Footjobs?