Tuesday, May 18, 2010


First, I received an award from Sammy:

The Sunshine Award is awarded to bloggers whose positivity and creativity inspire others in the blogging world.

Then from Overthinking Mama, I received the Versatile Blogger Award:

1. Thank the person who gave you this award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Pass the award along to 15 bloggers (or as many as you can) who you have recently discovered and who you think are fantastic!
4. Contact the bloggers you've picked and let them know about the award.

So, I want to thank both Sammy and Overthinking Mama for thinking of me. I'm flattered beyond belief!

Now, seven things about myself. Seriously, is there anything you all DON'T already know about me??? I'm like the most shameless, blabbingest fool on these interwebs.

Okay, okay. Here goes:

1. I do love a challenge, but I tend to get bogged down and preoccupied thinking of solutions. But, once I reach a resolution, I can move on and be happy that I sorted out the issue/problem/challenge.

2. I honestly do not think I look my age (42). That may be delusional wishful thinking, but I use moisturizer like some sort of addict and I drink loads of water each day. I don't even know how much I drink, but I would think an estimate of at least a gallon a day wouldn't be too far off.

3. I'm proud to have been raised in the South with a very Southern momma. She taught me to cook really good foods using real ingredients. If you come to my house, I hope you like real butter, because that's all you'll find.

4. I really want another cat. The Evil Twin won't relent on this, but I have a feeling if I found a calico (the BEST cats), I might be able to talk him into it. ;-)

5. In the 18 years we've been together, the Evil Twin and I have bought 2 houses. When I look around our current home, I almost have to pinch myself. I still feel like a little kid playing "house". It's not like this place is anything to write home about, but the fact that it is ours the bank's still trips me out.

6. I keep bendy straws and Dum Dum suckers on hand all the time. The kids love them.

7. I love seeing military men in their uniforms. Dress or BDUs - doesn't matter. I think they're all so handsome.

I hate picking names, so I'll just say if you are a regular here, I want you to have both of these awards. Check out my blog roll and find some really great writers! You won't be disappointed!

Happy Tuesday, hooligans!


  1. Cooking with Butter RAWKS!! Bendy straws, and straws in general? Not so much. Cheers ETW!!

  2. I'll never understand what it is about green polyester that women find so sexy... but then again I never complained about it either... =)

  3. The Husband is making up drill from graduation weekend, and we were walking the dog after we got home with him in uniform and all I could think was how hot he looked! :)

  4. Bendy straw rule at our house. I have an old fashioned straw dispenser on the counter filled with them at all times. I don't know why. I did it one day and now we're addicted.

  5. i love a man in uniform... *sigh* something about it def. turns me on... or a man in dirty work clothes...


    overthinking mama

    ps.. you are welcome for the award.. you are a great blogger.. and you look great at 42!!! i hope to look as good as you when i get there... i guess i need to start listening to the doc and drink more h20. lol.

  6. Nothing is better than good Southern cooking.

  7. Awesome awards...you deserve them.

    I agree with the uniform thing. Unfortunately, my hubby was already out of the military when we got married, so I didn't get to see him in his in person.

  8. Found you by way of Sammy at to unravel. Love your list....especially 3, 5, & 7!

  9. We are a bendy straw family too! I always use straws and would go crazy without them.

  10. Kudos to you on the Awards. I am a relative newbie here but I enjoy your blog. Even if at times I just lurk. Clowns are good that way.

  11. Bendy straws are the BEST! Ours are neon.

    I LOVE MEN IN UNIFORM. Sadly, my husband was also out of the navy by the time we met. I have seen pictures though!

    I also do NOT believe that you look 42. I would say mid-thirties. I am happy you got two cool awards. But as I am not a regular anymore(although I am working on it and would be, if the bebe would throw me a bone once in a while)I cannot accept any awards.

  12. - i use oil of olay products frequently...(dont judge me)

    - my wife buys the biggest bag of dum dums and bendy straws are always super fun no matter your age.

    - i love the south!

    you are very welcome for the award. i love coming by and glad i found your page.