Thursday, May 6, 2010

In The Gutter

Well, here we sit - the Evil Twin, Sissy and I - waiting on the gutter company to show up to replace all our gutters, downspouts, etc. and install gutter guards.

We've been in this house for over 5 years and the gutters have needed attention since then (actually, they've needed it for a long time....)

They were "supposed" to be here between 9 and 9:30. It's 9:45 and still no gutter guys and no phone call. I just want to get it over with.

Why is getting work done - wanting to pay people money - such an ordeal??

So, we MAY or MAY NOT be getting new gutters today. At any rate, we will get them eventually.

Update: 9:50 AM - the building permit was just dropped off and the guys are on their way here! YAY!

A couple of different things before I sign off today: Sissy is feeling much better. She had some saltine crackers and ginger ale last night and kept it all down. She said, "These are the best crackers, ever!" I'm sure they were. When you haven't eaten all day, a saltine would be divine. :-)

I did receive a good handful of Friday secrets, so I will gift you all with a special photo:

Remember: It's not too late to send in more secrets.

Happy Thursday (and HNT), hooligans!


  1. If Sissy likes saltines so much I know the PERFECT elementary school for her to attend! They serve them as breakfast, LOL! I'm glad she's feeling much better.

    I can't wait to read the Friday Secrets! Always good reading there :-)

  2. Damn I love that picture. Here's to your new here's to the healing power of Saltines and Ginger, your breastesses. Cheers Evil!!

  3. lookin good!!!

    Glad sissys feelin better!

  4. The Evil Twin is a lucky, lucky man. Now if I could just pry my mind out of the gutter . . .

  5. Nice Pic!!!! Perfect for a Thursday morning jolt of testosterone!!

  6. WOW! Absolutely Stunning!

    Glad to hear that the little one is better!

    Happy HNT!

  7. WOW, that's all I can say.

  8. Mmmmmmmm, sexy Momma - love the Taffy effect ! You rock

  9. Mrs. D - LOL at the saltine. I think you'll enjoy the secrets tomorrow. I got some good ones!

    Matt-Man - This is a different pic than the one I posted on Twitter, but from the same series. Glad you like it!

    OM - Thanks! It's so hard to see the littles so sick - I'm glad it was a quick bug.

    Doc - Thank the Evil Twin - he was the photographer. :-)

    Brian - ET doesn't always consider himself so lucky, but he does like to play with my boobs! LOL.

    Jerry in WV - Glad you like it!

    Joker - Thanks!

    Mike W - Like I said, thank the photographer. The Evil Twin has a good eye with the camera. :-)

    Robbie - :-) That's actually a Strawberry Dum Dum sucker. We keep a big bag on hand for Sissy. LOL.

  10. You gotta love them blow pops.... umm... Glad Sissy if feeling better!!!

  11. I'm glad she feels better. And I know what an ordeal it is waiting for any work to be done. When the Satellite guys were coming here (we don't have it anymore...) but I was so anxious...

    I went through that with the Pest control guy a few weeks ago. I was so excited!

    Glad Sissy is better though.

  12. you're lucky the gutter guys got there so soon...sometimes they're far later than an hour's delay!

    You' are a brave woman, is all I'm sayin' about that pic. Good on ya!

  13. That is a kick ass picture!

    Glad Sissy is better.

  14. Nice picture. For some reason I fall victome to the sexy with a sucker in the mouth look.

    We just had our roof done (and gutters) last week, they showed up way late and ended up taking 8 days instead of the promised three. Grr.

  15. My oh My! To think...ET is the lucky guy who gets to see that every single night fellas!

    Glad Sissy is feeling better...assuming she had the stomach bug..I've been abscent for a couple of any rate, glad to hear she's feeling better!!!

  16. Too bad you are so far away, that is what Ed does, he puts gutters on houses!


    Love the pic and can't wait for secrets!!

  17. Woot!!! I see a little nipple peek.

  18. Ron - We keep those Dum Dum suckers at all times. (KIDS!)

    Josh - My anxiety was in overdrive this AM before they got here!

    Tiff - It doesn't hurt to be a shameless hussy.

    Dish - Thanks, I'm glad she's better too!

    Inferno - Thanks! Our guys got the gutters done in just one afternoon! Yay.

    Chandra - He's been seeing the same old tired stuff for nearly 20 years. LOL.

    Mandy - We would have totally hired him!

    Steven - I can't see anything. Maybe I need glasses...

  19. If I wasn't gay.... I would think that pic was REALLY Hot.....In fact, it IS REALLY HOT

  20. Oh ETW - I have never typed before jerking off... but I'm wanking as soon as I get done typing... :-)