Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Post of Many Thoughts

I'm sorry I didn't get around to responding to comments yesterday - it's been one crazy week already!

First, Bella is NOT named after a Twilight character or a princess or anything like that. Bella means "beautiful" in Spanish, and since we think she is the most beautiful thing on the planet (aside from Sissy - and Buddy is the most handsome), we thought that name suited her just right.

Also, I had so much work to do for my "job", I didn't have time to take Miss Bella to the vet yesterday. I will call today and see if we can get in.

Second, about Flatimir, we're not sure what happened there. We have two theories. Theory 1 is that when the Evil Twin was mowing the grass 2 weeks ago, Flatimir got in and then the Evil Twin locked the shed and the squirrel couldn't get out and starved. Sad! Or, alternately, some animals, when they detect their demise is imminent, they will find a secluded hidey hole to to expire. That may have been the case.

Flatimir was semi-flat and kinda stuck to the wooden floor (body juices leaking? Blech...I don't know!).

I wasn't able to get out yesterday for pics, so maybe today. It's another long day for yours truly.

Happy Wednesday, hooligans!


  1. Thank you for your take on what happened to Flatimir. I was thinking he ate poision, that often makes their bellies kind of explode, leak, and got completely flat. I know this because a mouse ate some and decided to die under my bed when I was kid. He was super flat ! Gross - and happy Monday to you !

  2. When we got Baylee her new puppy back in April she named her Bella! :)

    Hugs - Tiffany

  3. I'm glad the cat wasn't named after a "Twilight" character. That would have been sad. ;-)

  4. Bella is a pretty name! And now I want a new kitten, too :-(

    Flatimir's name still makes me LOL, very clever. I bet it was just his time to go. No guilt, Evil Twin, no guilt.

  5. It could have been suicide... sometimes those squirrels have a pang of conscious and can't live with what they have done....

  6. my chihuahua's named bella (mia izabella) and it wasnt from twilight.. i didnt even know about twlight when i got her.. but i was constantly (and still am) asked if i named her from that... NO! but i do love the books/movies..

    hope you have a great day!

    God Bless

  7. I think the 2nd theory is a sound one. Hope things calm down for you, Honey!

  8. OOOOO she is pretty. I know about those calico facts....we have a calico barn kitty named Blossom.