Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Secrets (UPDATED)

1. I am headed to an Al Anon convention Saturday morning about 3 hours from home.  My spouse, the alcoholic that drove me to Al Anon, will be staying home, desperately trying to resist the contents of the local liquor store.  Knowing my spouse will lose that contest (hasn't won one yet), I've already arranged to meet a former mistress at the convention.  This mistress has an oral fixation that is unstoppable.  While she isn't a grateful member of Al Anon, she really enjoys getting out of the house, hanging out in a hotel room resting up all day and satisfying that oral fixation all night long.  I hope she doesn't leave marks . . .

2. I sent a naked photo of myself to a porn site that encouraged reader submissions. It's been two months and it still hasn't been posted. My self-esteem is shot.

3. Who says the pics always have to be for the guys? This one is for the ladies. I'm nothing special, but thought this was a good pic. This is a fake e-mail addy. I choose to remain totally anonymous.

4. I'm completely conflicted about whether or not I should actually kiss her.  I really really really want to.  She's gorgeous and funny and smart and sexy.  But... she's also not my wife.

5. I'm on Viagra. It's the best thing I have done in years. My wife, and mistress, are grateful too.

6.There is a convenience store I stop at on my way home from work most days and more often than not, the same lady works behind the counter.  I've never been the flirty type, but over time, our quick hello's and have a nice day's have turned into "I like your hair today" and "that's a really nice tie".  I know - budding romance, right?

Yesterday, she was outside sweeping the lot when I pulled in and she actually engaged me in real conversation. She asked me what I do for a living etc etc.  We talked for a few minutes and as I was leaving, she told me that she has wondered about who I am and what I do for such a long time, and she just had this huge smile on her face.

I know this wasn't an invitation to grab a hotel and get busy, but I drove home with such a wonderful feeling.  For a middle-aged, out of shape guy, that slightest interest by a much younger and attractive lady was quite enjoyable.  Too enjoyable to share with my wife.

7. On more than one occasion I have fantasized and stroked my cock to images of Evil Twins Wife.

8. When I was in college I was given a blowjob by one of my fraterity brother's girlfriends to allow her to "get back" at him for flirting with another girl... So much for brotherhood right. I shot a huge load of cum down her throat.


And one more surprise from yours truly:

For those curious about my tats (there are three all together):

Happy Friday, hooligans! Enjoy the secrets!


  1. If number 2 was sunbmitted by a hot chick I'd be more than happy to post the picture...After I gaze upon it at length.

    and listen...I'm no Doctor, but dem is some beautiful Baby Feeders. Cheers ETW!!

  2. I submitted a picture to one of those porn sites too... Just be glad they never responded by telling you never to send a photo again and blocking your email address.... I get no respect...

  3. Totally understand #6... and haven't actually done #7, but now that you mention it...

  4. Great Secrets!! I love Fridays...

  5. That is a great picture of the man. He should be proud and show his face!

  6. Friday secrets great as always!

    And ETW, magnificent as always!

  7. I "confessed" to husband that I wanted to do #9's secret to him. We now haven't had sex in 17 months because he said my "confession" turned him off from ever wanting to be with me again.

    Sometimes secrets are better kept :)

  8. ETW - Outstanding! What is the tat?

  9. We got a man shot! Fabulous!!

    These secrets just keep getting more and more interesting!

  10. #4 - Kiss her, kiss her, kiss her

    The pic.....mmmmmm love me a big burly built man, come on over here - Big Guy

    Mmmm, dude - if your only getting it once every four months, I don't like your woman is gonna go for the whole strap on idea

    And ETW - Dude will be stroking off to the girls tonight !

  11. Oh and Dana - you sound really adventurous - 17 months??????? You need (what do that call male mistresses?) like right away. Or I could mind my business.

  12. The Chick, I like the "adventurous" adjective far more than the one I heard from husband when I suggested it *giggle*

  13. Guess I should have taken off my shirt for the picture I submitted, instead of dropping trou & showing off the shaft, eh??? Too funny - women who like the weight room more than the bedroom...


  14. I can understand #6. That would make me happy too.

  15. #9: Not that I have first hand experience, but I suspect the real thing is less painful than a wife with a strap-on.

  16. ETW - you are encouraging number 7! lol

    Love it.

    And I liked number 3, yes sir, yes I did. More please.

    Number 2 - 2 months? They probably haven't even looked at it yet. If they are taking readers' submissions, they probably have thousands to go through. If it is something you want to do, send pics off to a few different sites.

    Send a pic to ETW so we can all see, and we can rate you out of 10. Then you would get a better idea...?

  17. #2: See comment above. Send ETW the pic.

    #3: You aren't #2 are you?

    #4: Just ask #5, the kiss is the first step.

    #6: High Five, brother! Before long, you'll be #4 & #5.

    #7: Who hasn't?

    #8: Wonder if she ever confessed!

    #9. It is hard to read your fantasy what with the huge distractions just below.

    I love Friday Secrets and the special pictorial coverage!

  18. As usual Friday Secrets never fail to entertain!!!

  19. Total hot body from that man! "Nothing Special"???? PFFfffff what ev!

    ETW... you are always hot!

    Hugs - Tiff

  20. Well, well, well. Thank you for being so courteous, number 3!