Thursday, May 27, 2010


I went out yesterday evening for a photo shoot with Flatimir. Only, he had gone missing!

In the area where the Evil Twin had thrown him, there is quite a bit of brush and foliage, so I really looked around to see if he had fallen, but I couldn't really see much. It's just too overgrown with "stuff".

OK. What happened to Flatimir? A. The Neighbor's lab (who is allowed to play in the backyard) found him and carted him off? B. A Hawk swooped down and retrieved him for a snack? or C. He got blown off his landing spot and was further down in the brush than I could see?

I saw no evidence of anything - no tufts of fur, no bones and there was not a lingering odor in the air of anything all icky and corpsy.

My guess is hawk, but only if hawks actually would pick up carrion. Do hawks eat previously dead things or do they like their meals to be fresher?

I'm a little bummed that my perfect science experiment is already a bust!

Oh well, I have Miss Bella to keep my frown upside down! She is already the joy of the whole family. Sissy can't keep her grubby hands off of her AND she doesn't seem to understand the concept of "rubbing a cat's fur the wrong way". We've repeatedly told her "From the top of the head back down, but don't mess with her tail."

I took Bella poo to the vet yesterday and she appears to be healthy. They said she was 12 weeks old. She did need a 2nd worm vaccine, a couple other vaccines and also had to have a treatment for ear mites, which I had already suspected she had. What can ya do? Shelter animals can come home with a variety of creeping crud(s).

The vet said that if we could breed her and reproduce her coloring on the kittens (especially if we could get a male), we could make a fortune. No thanks, she will be spayed in a month or so.

Today, Sissy and I will make the trek to PetSmart (or however it's spelled) to get the rest of the supplies we'll need. We sold or gave away all of our cat stuff years ago when the Evil Twin swore there'd be no more fur shedding animals in the house. Turns out, I think that secretly, he loves her just as much or more than the rest of us.

It's so true about how a pet can make your life less stressful. Their unconditional love is worth all the other hassles. :-)

So, Evil Twin, baby, THANK YOU for rethinking your stance on "no more cats". She has already made my life 100% happier!

Happy Thursday, hooligans!


  1. Pets do make a positive difference in the lives of people...If it weren't for our cat, Corky, I'd never have sex. Cheers ETW!!

  2. I'm fairly certain that Matt-man doesn't have sex with his cat, but that's how it

    Anytime I find an animal, mouse, etc. in our pool skimmer, I throw it out over the deck fence. Most of them disappear within hours, and it is other animals that drag them off.

  3. I think I have the wrong outlook. Just the thought of a pet makes my stress level go up. Another thing to feed and take care of? I have enough problems taking care of myself.

  4. It fits... the squirrel was faking death in an attempt to study your family more closely. Most likely due to my recent visit.... they tend to track my movements you know... I must work harder to stay off their radar {adjust tin foil hat and thong} they are always watching....

  5. OMG I had a comment until I read Ron's too freaking funny hahahahah!!!! So glad Bella is giving you joy :)

  6. Has it rained since you tossed Flatimir into the brush? Maybe he was just a little dehydrated. A passing shower could have re-inflated and re-animated him (like those damn flies on the windowsill) and off he went. No doubt trying to find Ron!

  7. I will never be without a cat. Mr. D swears when ours dies (he's 9) that's IT. No more. Oh he is sooo wrong. Glad you found one like you wanted.

    And nobody wants to be rubbed the wrong way, for sure!

  8. Matt-Man - I can't even describe how much I love this little darling already. :-)

    Kenju - Yes, I suspect it was a dead carcass kidnapping.

    Karen - I understand. But, they do love you unconditionally and for all the work they bring, their undying love is really worth it.

    Ron - Is Flatimir in YOUR backyard now? LOL.

    Chick - You wouldn't even believe the peace I have now with Bella.

    Brian - For once, no rain in a while. He must have become someone's snack. LOL.

    Mrs. D. - The Evil Twin lays down the law here. (former military), so we just all go along with it. BUT, he didn't even question my idea to travel to Kentucky for Bella and now he's totally in love, too!

  9. saw 2 abandoned kittens while at the vets yesterday. my friend who works there need one of these kittens. you don't have an orange cat.... i am typing this with emma on my chest....NO MORE CATS.

  10. I love my Furbabies. I don't know what I would do without their love. They can definitely cheer me up!

  11. I didn't think that squirrel's remains would be around long. There's no telling what carried it off. Could have been savaging birds or a coyote or who knows.

  12. Haha poor Flatimir! Maybe Bella dragged him inside without your knowing? Sorry your experiment didn't go as planned, if I ever come across a dead squirrel I'll send it your way so you can complete it.

  13. IDK about pets making life less stressful. Or maybe that's only because OUR pets are shedding/shitting machines who apparently have no concept anymore of 'no' or 'litterbox.'

    Here's hoping Bella remains a joy to all of you!

  14. Caution: Anything that will tote off a Flatimir will be as equally excited about a Bella. When our dog Gracie was just a tiny little puppy, a freakin' hawk tried to swoop down and snatch her. I thought I was on Candid Camera or something, but sure enough, same damn hawk tried to grab my neighbor's wiener dog.

    Since then, he won't let go of his wiener when they are outside.

    Keep the kitty close.

  15. The most likely suspect is a possum.
    Hawks usually kill their prey and don't eat carrion.

  16. That's awesome! Kittens are hard so I say you've done a good thing planning to get her spayed. Anyhow, she's beautiful!

  17. With as many buzzards as there are along the Kanawha Valley, it could've been nearly any night scavenger or a daytime buzzard raid. Either way, I think he's completely the circle of life.

    Yay new cat! Kittens are so funny. It's like they're born on drugs.

  18. my ScruffyDog has a chronic congestion issue from his time in the shelter. He came home w/ Kennel Cough. which was easily treated but leaves dogs with breathing issues.

    I'm so glad you have a kitty. pets TOTALLY lower blood pressure.