Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Secrets

Finally, Friday! Yay. Here are the secrets. None of them are mine and we also have a mystery pic! I still didn't receive the 2nd part of the 2 part secret. If I get it today, I will post it as an update, depending on what the sender would like me to do.

1. I slept with a black girl because my father was a racist asshole. I fell in love with her because she was the kindest, most caring person I have ever met.

2. I am having what can only be described as an affair online with a married woman. I have never met her in person (yet) but she gets more worked up than I can ever remember being before. Someday when we do meet it will be explosive. I'm even more worked up now knowing that she will read this on EvilTwinsWife's blog on Friday.

3. My neighbor across the hall from me in my apartment building came out this morning to get her newspaper wearing nothing but a t-shirt that didn't cover everything. She wasn't embarrassed and even small-talked with me a minute. Now I can't stop thinking about her red haired bush.

4. I was cyber sex-im'ing with a fellow blogger while at work, I was so turned on that I shut my office door, closed my blinds, and gave my self an orgasm.  The other blogger had to go off to a meeting.

5. I have had more one night stands than I have had real relationships.  They always make me feel dirty, but I think that one day it will turn into something more.

6. My girlfriend jerked me off into her cup of coffee and drank it. I can't drink coffee anymore.

7. I really don't think me and my boyfriend will last. I am not in love with him like I should be... he's an ass half the time,  is too hard on his kids, and is an alcoholic. But the sex is great and he treats me better than any other person I have ever been with and I am not ready to give that up yet. I just keep hoping he will change, although I know that won't happen.

8. My boyfriend and I have a great, fun filled sex life (did I mention GREAT??). We enjoy trying lots of things. This past weekend he bought some rope and tied me to our bed.  When the weekend was over I carefully tucked the rope under the bed, while leaving it tied to the posts, figuring it wasn't likely the kids would find it. kids' Dad watches them during the day in my house (bet you can tell where this is going). When I came home from work Monday afternoon, 3 of the 4 ropes were pulled out from under the bed and stretched across the floor for all the world to see.  Clearly it was quite obvious what the were there for, but to his credit, my ex did NOT mention them, did NOT look at me funny or anything. But I just bet he had a story to tell his girlfriend that night!!

9. An old friend of mine found some guy's Blackberry and while looking through the phone to determine who the owner was, he discovered that the guy looks at Gay Pr0n. The owner of the phone is in the military.  My friend seriously wanted to contact the military authorities and show them the phone so they could return it to the owner. Wouldn't that be funny?  I talked him out of it and told him to let the guy be.  I was so close to confessing to my friend that I am Bi, just to make a point, but I didn't.

Instead, I'm going to invite him to the gym so after we work out, we can shower together.  Idiot.

10. I spend more time than I ought to thinking about someone other than my spouse.  I want to do things with this person that would make a well seasoned hooker blush.

11. I used to like to go streaking when I was younger.  I loved to sit on the front porch as cars went by.  It was always a thrill to think that someone might have seen me.  I really wish I could do it again.  Or better yet, I would like to just find a nude beach or nude resort where I could go to walk around naked all the time, but I just don't know where.

Mystery Pic:

Enjoy! Happy Friday, hooligans!


  1. Maybe the dude who got jacked off into the coffee could instead of avoiding coffee altogether just drink it without cream and take it black like the guy in Secret Number One does. Oh, nice frickin' ass...The salad bar is OPEN, and I'm hungry!! Cheers ETW!!

  2. #6, coffee is gross anyway.

    Great secrets this week, I am not disappointed :-) And cute panties, too.

  3. Great mystery pic! I love how these Friday secrets have evolved...

  4. lols.. i liked all of em.. the special thing about your friday posts are these HNT kinda moments , but only thing its a friday :P.. lols.. that butt looked like it belonged to the errant wife online :P.. wicked me :)

  5. The coffee one doesn't make ME want to drink coffee anymore! Good secrets!

    Hugs - Tiff

  6. LOL.... #6 if you cum up with a good name for it you might be able to sell that creation to Starbuck's!!! Great mystery pic!!!

  7. Uh...I will pass on the 'cream' in my coffee from this day forward.

    Wowzer, you had some good ones this week!

  8. The "old friend" in #8 is an ass hat. Doesn't he realize that that kind of thing could end the persons career. I am glad they are trying to end this don't ask, don't tell thing.

  9. "My girlfriend jerked me off into her cup of coffee and drank it. I can't drink coffee anymore."

    Me either.

    Nice bootayyyyy! Nothing wrong with cleavage, but I'm glad we're getting some butt action in the Friday Secrets too!

  10. #3 - time to renew your lease I'd say...

  11. The secrets never fail to make me feel like a puritan! LOL.

    I think the mystery pic is really HOT!

  12. Love Friday Secrets!! I look forward to it every week!

  13. can I join you for coffee some day :-)

  14. #6 Lucky for you she wasn't drinking a beer!

    #9 Ha Ha! That guy is a jerk.

    Mystery Pic: More of this, please!

    I Love Friday!

  15. this is becoming a weekly treat for me - keep it up please!

  16. Thank god I just finished my coffee before I read #6!

    #11 is just friggin' AWESOME!!!!
    If you're in Northern Cali, there is a nude beach near Stinson Beach.
    Also, you could just act in a French Film...guaranteed nudity.

    You Go With Your Naked Bad Self!!!


  17. #6 might improve the taste of St@rbucks motor oil.

    #8 - Think the ex is pissed about what he's missing now?

    #7 - Honey - aim higher.

  18. UM - was there anything before that ass?


    You go, girl.

  19. #5. as have i but i think its a good thing.

    #6. i dont know who is to blame. its not like she surprised him and pulled a cup of coffee out her ass

    #11. ahem, my address is....