Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Post 860

I spoke to the vice superintendent of the schools yesterday and apparently, the schools do not automatically call parents for what could be (and was) a hoax. She explained the protocol, which made sense to me. So, the kids who went home obviously used their own cell phones to call home. Buddy just wasn't hip enough to realize that.

So, I feel better about that.

However, these days, for whatever reason(s), I've been feeling blah. I'm sick of the weather. I'm sick of the routine (yes, even I get bored with my routine every so often). The Evil Twin's office is no longer offering the health insurance we've had since before Buddy was born, so I had the daunting task of choosing a new plan. When it came right down to it, I didn't really have a choice. I'm sick of worrying if this new plan will cover all our doctors and medications. I've spent the last 12+ years fighting tooth and nail for every benefit we were promised and I have a sinking feeling I will be doing the same for all of eternity. :::Sigh:::

I suppose once I can get out of bed and NOT be freezing, I'll perk up a bit. Remember, I'm a Southern gal - I need the sun on my face.

I keep the blinds open and hope for the best...

Off to do my chores!


  1. you sunny gal. :) stay positive. and about chores. well, im facing the same problem right now. and i just have no creative way to make things interesting. i guess i'll probably raid my neighbour's house for breakfast for a change.. that should liven things up a notch don't you think??

  2. This weather would bring anyone, myself included, down a notch. I'm so sick of never knowing what season it's gonna be when I get out of bed.

  3. Hmmm... maybe a heat lamp hooked up to a timer can guarantee a nice warm morning!! Hope you start feeling better!

  4. I'm sending warm weather vibes your way. You can borrow some of Houston's summer heat. I don't think anyone here would mind.

  5. We are also having some gloomy, chilly weather and it does bring you down. Where the hell did the sun go?

    Insurance is a creation of the devil, lol.

  6. I am really enjoying the mild Texas weather right now...it'll be August before I know, and I'll be sweating to death just looking out the front door.

  7. ive been kinda blah lately too..

    maybe im just holding my breath for summer....

  8. There is nothing worse than eternally fighting insurance companies. I just want to scream, if I didn't need this medication I wouldn't take it, or ask you to pay for it!

    Glad you got an explanation about the bomb threat yesterday!

  9. the blahs come and go in cycles and i swear that goes for EVERYONE so dont alone in that.

    i try to look at the bright side of things at all times and ive noticed more that when the good times come around im more appreciative of them because i remember how i felt during the 'blah' times. and, vice versa, during the bad times i know its only for a season and it will soon pass.

    as a side note, libations, comedy, and alcohol, also help in the getting through the blah times ; )

  10. Good luck with the insurance and here's to the sun in all of our lives. Cheers ETW!!

  11. Wow! They actually let the kids use their cell phones during the school day? That would NEVER happen here!

    Glad it was just a hoax and nothing more serious!