Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Joys of Having a Tween

Oh, sure, Buddy cops an attitude every now and again. He's still prone to whining fits when he doesn't want to do something (clean his room, go to the store with me, etc.).

But a couple of weeks ago, I noticed a bump on his forehead. Upon closer inspection, it was a pimple! Right in the middle of his forehead between his eyebrows. That is what the Evil Twin and I refer to as "the mystic third eye".

Then, a day or two later, another one appeared under the first one. I asked him if he wanted me to buy him some face stuff and he said yes.

It's been a while since I purchased any Clearasil or any of that stuff, so I studied the myriad of "cures" available today. Wow! There are so many to pick from, some are reasonably priced and some are cha-ching! I guess it's sort of like all the anti-aging moisturizers. The companies know us gals will do anything to keep the wrinkles at bay, including paying big bucks for creams that may or may not work.

My skin is relatively blemish free, but once every few months, I'll get a pimple. Usually in the crease of my nose, where they are not only hard to get to, but also hurt like a demon. Lovely.

I would never buy a product just for an occasional break out, but since Buddy is headed towards Zit City, I can use whatever he's using.

So, you see, there are some perks to having a sullen teen (almost) around the house!

Now I just need to talk the little shit into letting me pop those babies!


  1. What's with mom's wanting to pop every pimple? Leave the boy's face alone. The ex is always doing that to our son. He will erupt one of these days and I'm not talking about a zit on his face. Cheers ETW!!

  2. You should have went into dermatology!

    Isn't it crazy how many kinds of acne stuff there is to buy these days? It was Oxy, Clearasil, Noxema, and Clean and Clear when I was young. Now there's millions of brands.

  3. My daughter's at that stage too. I keep trying to teach her to take care of her skin, but it seems useless. I can't tell if the stuff I got her is just useless or if she's not vigilant enough with it (I sound like she's trying to wipe out cancer or something rather than just take care of some zits LOL). So I'm getting her a facial and hoping that'll help. Oy. The things I'll do for my girl.

  4. Ack! My youngest started getting acne at 12, I took him to a dermatologist who prescribed a chemical exfoliant. Helped some but its way to harsh and he hates using it. Just lately I tried one more over the counter skin care product. Neutrogena. works great!

  5. Oops, he's 12 now, he started getting acne at 11 : )

  6. Just keep your eye on him for any "Extra Large" pimples so you can video tape the eruption and submit it online!! LOL

  7. I took my oldest son with me the last time we bought face stuff and he almost had a meltdown in the aisle. So many choices!

  8. You're buying him facial creams? What's next, a mani/pedi and some hair gel? Shaving his chest? LOL ;-)~

  9. Matt-Man - Because it's FUN!

    Mrs. D - I would love to spend a day or two following a dermatologist! The choices are overwhelming!

    Paige - A friend of mine said her boys did better with the medicated wipes - like Stridex. So, I got that and a cream called Zapzit.

    Powdergirl - I'll have to check out the Neutrogena. Thanks.

    Ron - You know that Flip camera is gonna come in handy!

    Debbie - My head was spinning, too!

    Jay - No metrosexual biz here...just good old zit zapping creams! LOL.

  10. We experience this with C, who is the Queen of the Blackheads. OMG - her nose is gross, and gets even grosser when it's time for her period. Ugh!

    Like you, I have an overwhelming desire to pop them. But, unlike Buddy, C will let me pin her down and take care of business.

    C uses Clearasil wipes and a blackhead exfoliating cream by Noxema. Neither one works great, but they do manage to keep them to a no-a-pizza-face minimum.

  11. Gee, next you will have sock babies to look forward to!

  12. awwww.... nothing like a litter of fresh sock babies... they are so cute.

  13. Ohhhh lawsy. This post and its comments have given me so much to look forward to. At least I won't have to worry about sock babies. Just real ones. Wait, that didn't help.

  14. Long showers can't be far behind...

  15. that brings back memories. My youngest who is almost 41 used Retin A when it was not commercially available with a script....the doc compounded it and dispensed it.

  16. Debra - You might want to try the Biore Pore Strips. They really work - ET has nose blackheads and will use those strips.

    Dish - It took me a while to figure out what sock babies were...LOL.

    Ron - Gross!! LOL.

    Mary - Don't even go there, honey...It's too scary!!!

    Warren - We might have to set a timer... LOL.

    rosemary - I remember people who used Retin A.

  17. WTF are sock babies???

    Lady H is already getting the occasional pimple. I always had a few zits here and there but nothing close to acne. I still get the monstrous ones occasionally (mostly because I cannot leave them alone once I can feel them!)

    She rarely lets me pop them though and it drives me nuts if I can see a white head!

    I suggest using a very mild cleanser (like clean and clear) for daily washing and Neutrogena On The Spot for specific pimples.