Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tuesday Newsday

I'm sure many of you have heard about the mine tragedy that happened in WV yesterday. This is the community where the Evil Twin's family is from and he even went to high school there for a semester. Most of his family still live there and some are miners. I'm not going to elaborate on it, because Buzzardbilly covered it much better than I ever could.

I mentioned yesterday that on Sunday, the Evil Twin removed his grill cover to find a bird nest perched on the side ledge. It has 4 eggs in it.

We use a charcoal grill and it gets very hot, very fast. Here is a side view of this most elaborate nest:

You can see how large it is and how close it is to the side of the grill. We didn't want to move it, but there was no other option. As I said, we carefully transplanted it to a high branch in an apple tree.

I saw a robin sitting outside the opening yesterday for quite some time, so I'm hoping it's the mama or daddy and they've found their transplanted clutch.

And, in completely unrelated news: I gave up bread for Lent and some of you guessed how much weight I might lose. Well, on Ash Wednesday (the beginning of Lent), I weighed 128.5. On Easter (the end), I weighed 128.5. Hahahaha! I guess I made up for the lack of bread by subbing pasta, rice, other carbs.

Now that my left knee and both ankles feel okay, I guess I should whip out that Jillian Michaels DVD again. Pool season is coming up, ya know?

I blew off the Mart of Wal yesterday. I was just exhausted. So, I'll go today. I'm almost finished with my weekly list. :-) Have a great day - and if you have a second, send out a good thought or prayer for our miners and their families. They'll need all they can get.


  1. Such a tragedy w/the miners. I can't imagine what their families must be going through.

    And at 128.5 I think you can rest assured that you'll be fine in a swimsuit!

  2. I gave up chips and I didn't loose a pound either.

    I probably gained a few when I dove into the chips on Sunday though!

  3. My thoughts and prayers are with the miners and their families. These mining accidents are horrifying.

  4. The mine thing is horrible and it makes it worse that it appears like it could have been preventable. My thoughts are with them....

  5. Earthquakes, mine collapses, what other catastrophe's are going to happen?

    I gave up all desserts and soda for Lent, I didn't loose a single pound either. How sad is it that I look forward to Lent and use it as a motivational tactic to loose weight? Probably why I didn't loose anything...:)

  6. Prayers sent ! I don't give up shit for Lent, I'm tired of feeling like a failure all easter season

  7. a.) Glad you didn't waste away to nothing without the bread. :)

    b.) Please let me know if the nest survives.

    c.) I have been thinking about the miners abd their families all night and day.

  8. So sad. I will pray for the families, and the community. Cool nest, ETW!

  9. Wouldn't get me underground for any money - well not til I'm dead anyroad.

    I gave up brussel sprouts for Lent. 1967 that was I think. Still going strong!

  10. That is so awful about those miners. I heard there were a ton of safety violations, too...that is such a shame and someone will hopefully be held accountable. They are all in my prayers.

  11. I didn't give up anything for lent and I gained weight. I might have to try lent next year :(

  12. I am heartbroken for the miners and their families.

    I hate having to move bird's nests. I love the mosses in yours.

  13. My boyfriend mentioned to me about the miners last night.. (i have no tv) that is so sad. my heart goes out to the family.

    i gave up chocolate and coffee for lent...yea i didnt lose any weight either... oh well... i think doubling up on pop and potato chips probably had something to do with that. lol.