Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Heloise Here to Help

Most of you know I have my regular routines. Things I do every day in pretty much the same order - I'm flexible, though, so there is some wiggle room for all my petty little details.

The one non-negotiable detail in my life is my need to vacuum every evening. I get Sissy in the bath and do all that, then I walk down the hall to let the Evil Twin know it's "his turn". He sits with her while she plays and then gets her out, dries her off and puts on her PJs. While he does that, I vacuum the area rugs in the den and dining room.

There are always crumbs, hair and bird feathers all over the place and Sissy is deadly terrified of the vacuum, so that's why I do it while she is still in the tub.

So, last night, I'm doing my usual routine and there is something on the carpet that is not coming up.

I lean over and flick it. It's a hard bit of I-don't-know-what. But, I flick it and it breaks loose from the rug and I proceed to run it over again with the vac and clean it up.

Why? Why do we do this? Why dislodge a bit of debris and then vac it instead of just picking it up and throwing it away?

Who knows.

I think it's the same compulsion that drives me to press the elevator button a zillion times while fully realizing my efforts don't make the elevator arrive any quicker.

Happy Tuesday, campers! I'm off for a shower and to get my daily chores started. Yay (did you hear the sarcasm there? LOL).


  1. My son used to be afraid of the vacuum too. Luckily he grew out of it. But now he likes to play with it and I am worried one day I will walk in to find it taken apart.

  2. that is weird. but not weirder than the fact that i doubletap elevator buttons.

    like... i do two quick taps on the button.

    i didn't even notice that i did that until someone i was studying with at my college's library said that it bothered her.

    i still do it though. because... why not?

  3. because if you picked it up.. you would then have to either hold on to it until you were dont vaccuming or you would have to stop vaccuming and go and throw it away... its better to just leave it on the ground and vaccum it up!


    Happy Tuesday! (this is the worst day of the week for me...ggrr..)

  4. That's what vacuums are made for! So we don't have to bend down and pick stuff up by hand. :-) Both our pets and the baby are terrified of the vacuum, so it's always an ordeal.

  5. When I get out the vacuum, my son asks if he can do! I say 'sure' - he is not that good at it, but I am determined to have him trained!! LOL...he is a good helper, sometimes!

  6. I do the same thing. I flick it/pick at it whatever it takes then immedialtey sweep it up...look, I have 2 boys and a husband, LORD only knows what it might be, therefor it's just better if I sweep it up rather then carry it around! LOL!

    Happy Tuesday!

  7. I do that at the crosswalk. Press that button ten times thinking the light will change faster. I am sure it really works! :-Z

  8. Everyone does that. It's the fascination with sucking things up. You are much better than I am about the floors. Luckily most everything is hardwood/linoleum in the house. The bedrooms? I won't even tell you how often those get vacuumed!!! You'd probably faint!

  9. With all of our critters, I don't touch anything unidentifiable on the floor. I remove the hose and use the edge of it to scrap up the unknown and suck it away all at once.

  10. I pound away on that elevator button too. I consider it my elevator accelerator and then I imagine the people on the elevator getting all scared at how fast they're going. haha ;-)

  11. I don't know about you, but I do it because I'm lazy. I'm even known to run over the kitchen floor because I'm too lazy to sweep :)

  12. Vacuum everyday? I do it once a week - and that is only if the cleaning lady didn't come that week. But I have no pets or kids who play on the floor. I wonder what the average is with vacuuming?

  13. What's this thing vacuum of which you speak?

  14. That vacuuming thing? With you 100%. Scrape it up, drop it, vacuum it.

    Elevator buttons? Ummm, no. Every time you hit the button when it's already lit, it just resets your wait time back to the beginning. If you keep hitting it, it might never come!!

  15. I don't think those elevator close buttons always work. They're like pacifiers for adults, like the buttons at crosswalks.

  16. Hell, I've picked stuff and thrown back down so I ca run over it with the vacuum. Cheers ETW!!

  17. Ha! I just got a mental image of you with the vacuum. I used to do that to, go over and over some big chunk instead of just picking it up. I think it’s just stubbornness…like I have a tool to do this job, the tool is damn well going to do it!

    We have no carpets here….

  18. dude.
    i'm completely with you on that shit.

    plus i am the laziest of lazies...

    i drop something,
    some little ass thing,
    i look at it,
    i don't pick it up.




  19. I have the same compulsion with the changed light buttons at street corners. I actually wonder if they even do anything, or if its just put there to make pedestrians feel like they're doing something.