Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Getting To Know You

I stole another idea from Star Child - I might as well just have him write my frickin' blog for me at this point!

Anyhoodle, it's "The Interview".

I decided to pester the Evil Twin with my silly questions.

ETW: What do you think of my blog?

ET: It's great. You enjoy doing it. It's a creative outlet for you. You've made a lot of great new friends. It's a positive thing for you and it makes you happy. And if it makes you happy, I'm all for it.

ETW: Do you like my hookerlicious press on nails?

ET: Yeah, because you know I like the French Tips and I like how they feel when they... well, we just won't go there.

ETW: If we won a big lottery jackpot, what would you buy me as a surprise?

ET: The house you've always wanted or a nice piece of custom jewelry.

(side note from ETW - I love the house we live in now).

ETW: What has been our best vacation (pre or post a kid or 2)? And the worst?

ET: We've never had a good vacation. We've always fought. The beach trip with your parents was the worst.

ETW: How do you feel about our sex life?

ET: Aside from the kids, it's the best thing that ever happened to me! It's well-seasoned, and after 20 years, even more exciting than it's ever been.

ETW: What is your desert island record?

ET: (because I love him, I let him cheat and choose 2) It's a tie. "Love Zombies" by The Monochrome Set and "Romance" by Daily Planet (Ibon Errazkin's South American guitar band).

ETW: If we could live anywhere in the world, where would you choose?

ET: A quiet isolated beach community in my twilight years, but I wouldn't mind going back to New Mexico, because I love the desert.

And there ya have it. Getting to know your Evil Twin a little bit. He said it was stale that I picked him, but we all know I'm lazy and he's sitting right there, so it was a no brainer for me! LOL.


  1. you two sound like such a good couple and quite happy. that's hard to come by. :-)

  2. Your sex life has become well-seasoned? I understand what ET is saying but c'mon...That sounds odd and not so good. Find a better description. Cheers to ya both!!

  3. NOT stale - it's interesting hearing from the ET!

  4. Interesting. I hope he will still be saying that after 40 years....LOL

  5. I like the hookerlicious nails too...

  6. haha.. simply superb interview. did you give a gift hamper or something after the interview was over? since he was such an accommodating guest? :P haha.

  7. aw.. thats great you interviewed him! :-)

    you guys seem so sweet! :-)

  8. I like how cool he is with your blog and that he enjoys it too. That's a pretty awesome thing.

  9. Did you Skipe him to do the interview?

  10. I guess it's Skype, isn't it? FAIL!

  11. Robbie - He IS cool!

    Mrs. D - We got lucky!

    Matt-Man - He says I misquoted him, but stands by the definition. LOL.

    Tiff - He's fairly reclusive, so this was an enormous effort on his part. :-)

    Kenju - I hope we both live another 20 years! :-)

    Doc - Who doesn't?

    Nitin - He was properly rewarded. LOL.

    OM - He's the best husband ever!

    Jay - Yep. I got lucky!

    (K)arla - We almost did, but he said "I'm coming upstairs, I want a Coke." So,it was face to face. LOL.

  12. What?! He's never had a good vacation? What about Disney? LOL...

  13. I liked learning more about ET, even if it was the lazy way out! I may have to do this with The Husband!

  14. Happy 42nd Birthday, sweetheart! I LOVE YOU!!!

    -The Evil Twin

  15. Happy 42nd Birthday, sweetheart! I LOVE YOU!!!

  16. I just saw this.

    I am very jealous, your interview went really well!

    Nice to see some hubbies are supportive...! LMAO