Monday, April 12, 2010

Crock Pot Sunday?

Crock Pot Sunday has been absent the last 3 Sundays. First time, we had other obligations, then it was Easter Sunday and we did a cook out with family, then yesterday, I had chicken I needed to fix and I wanted to prepare my Paprika Chicken - and that's not a crock pot meal.

As the weather gets warmer, I'm thinking of giving the Sunday routine a break.

To me, the crock pot means hearty meals. Meals most appreciated in cooler weather.

Maybe I'll go with Salad Sundays? LOL. The Evil Twin would NOT approve! I mean, he likes salad, but he likes it with an actual "real" dinner (that means something that involves meat).

Eh, I'll come up with something....

Maybe we could do Grillin' Sundays? That would mean the Evil Twin would have to do the cooking, but meat WOULD be involved? ;-)

I guess I just want one day out of the week to be easier on me where food planning is involved. One day where I don't spend time over the stove, setting the table, etc.

My mind is on this subject this morning because I haven't completed my weekly menu plan or shopping list. That's enough to drive an OCD person like myself over the edge. And we all know that Monday equals a trip to the Mart of Wal.

Help me out here! Any suggestions for lighter meals, but yet still filling and tasty? Being in a food rut really stinks.


  1. We're having a menu issue lately, too. I'm sick of the same old stuff and my husband never wants to try new things. If it's not meat & potatoes it's "exotic" to him, LOL.

  2. I agree that Salad Sunday needs some sort of meat offering. Meals are always better when something dies.

  3. Stuff cooked on the grill is always good. I had grilled brats wrapped in tortillas last night. Very simple, use paper plates. No mess. An yummy!

  4. Grilling is the best part of summer! You should definately make Sunday Grillin day..get the whole family outdoors AND you get to eat yummy food!

  5. yea.. i say go with the Grillin Sundays... its summer! Gotta use the grill as much as possible.
    I also like the salad sundays... but then i love salads... of any form... :-)

  6. cheezadillas with Spanish rice and corn seemed to go over well at our house yesterday. Ready in 1/2 hour, so the kitchen doesn't get all heated up. Serve with some sour cream and salsa for a totally tasty treat. :)

  7. A - check out getting a smoker. If you like real BBQ, you'll love smoking foods.

    B - "Cooking Light" magazine. Won't eliminate cooking, but might help to shake up your regular routine of dishes. Stuff is good for you too.

  8. Absolutely, combine Grillin' Sundays with Salad get a light, quick meal and ET gets to man the grill while you man the hammock. Everybody wins! You'd be amazed at how many yummy meat/salad combinations you can come up with (said the low-carb dieter).

  9. Three words...Hot Dog Helper. Cheers ETW!!

  10. You make the salads, Evil Twin grills the chicken to chop and put on top of the salad!

  11. I’ll give you a few suggestions of light but filling meals that I miss personally.
    In a crock pot; Turkey Kielbasa with sauerkraut. Serve on whole grain buns.\
    Chicken (cut into strips) broccoli, sweet potato, other veggies.

    Or you could cook on the grill: Turkey burgers and corn on the cob
    Barbaque a bunch of chicken breasts and serve with premade vegetable pasta and veggies tossed with olive oil.

    Or you could always to any type of South American Cevichi.