Monday, April 26, 2010

Falling Apart

So, I turn 42 and things seem to be going downhill already. I'm sure I have sciatica. I woke up this morning feeling fine, then almost passed out from a massive cramp - let's just say PMS and leave it at that. Must. Get. Hysterectomy. LOL.

Anyway, that's why my post here is a little late. I finally got in the shower and feel a lot better.

On Friday, we had some excitement here in the little burg we call home. The Evil Twin drops Buddy off at school and I pick him up. Friday was supposed to be an in-service day (or whatever - where the kids have the day off), but in order to make up a snow day, they had school.

I went to pick up Buddy and noticed that the parking lot and the parents in the pick up line seemed lighter than normal. I thought, "Well, maybe some parents didn't know it was a school day after all." And kinda shrugged it off.

Then Buddy comes out and asked me why I hadn't picked him up earlier....Why would I? Well, there had been a bomb threat in the morning. The county has a call system where they can alert parents to situations. Only I didn't get a call. Not on my cell phone, not on my home phone (they have both numbers) and I also did not get an email.

Apparently, half the school had been signed out early. They had kept the children huddled in the gym while the police and bomb sniffing dogs went through the school. There was no evidence of an actual bomb, but I asked why they remained inside the school? Buddy said because if they went out (in the past), there was too much horseplay and kids had broken bones, etc.

Well, I'd rather my kid or one other break an arm than be bombed to death.

I told him I had not received any notification and if I had, I would have picked him up. I asked him why he didn't call me on his cell - he said he didn't have time, but his best friend at school DID have time to use Buddy's cell to call HIS parents! That's my Buddy. Doesn't always think things through...

Then I asked if the note was passed around to all the teachers to try to identify handwriting? Buddy said there was no note, it had been written in marker on the wall of the boys' locker room and the female teachers couldn't go in there. I said that I was most certain that ALL teachers would be allowed in for something like this and if not, why not take a daggone picture of it and send it around. Helloooo? It's not like digital cameras or cell phone cameras are hard to find these days.

Now, I don't know all the details, so maybe they did make an effort to identify the handwriting. Buddy is not always the most accurate reporter.

I still don't know why I was never notified...but things turned out to be fine, so I am grateful for that. I suppose I should add a local TV channel to my tabs, so I can check it several times a day, since all we watch around here is Spongebob. (Well, almost all - there are a few other preschool shows thrown in there).

So, that was the start to our exciting weekend! Whew!


  1. And you'd think the school would have let him call you from the office. We had a bomb threat my senior year, but we didn't get to go home :-( It was during my PE class and we had to go outside in December in our shorts and t shirts until the cops decided it was a hoax. Brrrr! Glad it turned out to be false for your son, too.

    And I hope you are feeling better.

  2. Jeez! I'd be right pissed at that school!

  3. OMG, we had the same thing happen at our school 2 years ago, someone wrote something on the bathroom wall and Swat and the bomb squad were at our school...I didn't get the email or call either !!!!!!! I can't believe it happened to someone else too !!!!!! Sometimes the Department of Ed can really suck ass.

    And as for your Buddy, he sounds so easy going - No big deal, Mom LOL

  4. id be pissed off at the school too! a call up there might be in order to find out why you never recieved a call.. what if it had been some sort of emergency... just wait till you showed up to pick him up??

    lol. my son's horrible at telling me accurately what happened in a situation... i think he gets that from his dad! lol.

    glad everything turned out alright... hope you are feeling better!

  5. I would probably call the school and "mention" that you were not notified and make sure that they have all your contact information. Then if they do you can progress to the "Why the hell was I not called" stage of things. Glad things worked out

  6. I would have been very upset not being notified. It's the What if's that could make you go crazy. "what if" there actaully WAS a bomb...grrr, I'd be calling the school today for sure!

    Hope you feel better. I have been through Sciatica this past January and still have problems with my back to this day because of it...take it easy is all I can say. It will get better!

  7. FYI on the "shelter in place" for bomb threats. It's actually the best option because once the gym has been swept for potential bombs, you can pretty much consider it safe.

    And bomb threats are a great way to get people outside of a building and just milling around in range of snipers... so staying in the building is actually the more sensible solution - once the building is swept.

    Of course, almost all bomb threats are fake as well - just a way to get some attention...

  8. I'd be super curious about that whole phone call notification system. This was a really good chance to test it and it looks like it failed. Glad everyone is ok.

    When our school got bomb threats (back in the 60's & 70's) we were all herded out onto buses (even the walkers) while the principal, a few teachers & town clown (I mean town COP, yeah!) inspected the building. I think that by forcing us all to sit in the buses the administration hoped it would act as a deterrent and keep the students from calling them in themselves the next time.

  9. If I were investigating this bomb threat, I would start with kids who struggle wtih math who just happened to have a test that day. ;-)

  10. How scary! Glad everyone is okay.

  11. While looking through a number of news sources, I found out that today is Boobquake day.

    For some reason, I came to your blog, only to be disappointed that you apparently don't know about this momentous movement. Well, now you do. Whatcha gonna do about it, huh? LOL

  12. I hope you get to feeling better too...

    Bomb threats suck too BTW

  13. We had a lockdown in 11th grade, someone wondered onto the school property with a shotgun. No one called our parents, lol, but I did get to sit under my desk for three hours in Spanish class listening to "If you're happy and you know it" on repeat.

    I hate that song.

    Glad everything turned out okay with Buddy :)

  14. Oh my goodness, that is just insane! Glad it all turned out ok. Hope you are feeling better!

  15. OMG. You're so COOL about it. I'd be spitting nails!

  16. Ummmm, yeah...lets lock the kids in the school for a bomb threat. That makes so much sense.

  17. I am certainly glad that everything is fine, but I would be beating someone's (and not Buddy, even though he should have called) ass!