Thursday, April 8, 2010

Blog Fog

I have been feeling kinda blah lately. I can't think of any ONE specific reason why. I'm just tired. DST has taken a toll on me this year. Normally, I love DST. And, I still do, but I just haven't caught up yet.

Anyway, I'm the guest blogger over at Doc's place today. It's an oldie, but a goodie.

It's amazing how far the Evil Twin and I have come in our nearly 20 years together.

Early on, we argued quite a bit. I guess we've mellowed out in our old ages! LOL.

These help:

He's a happy, happy man.


  1. I’ve been in a fog for about a week myself. But you just managed to get it to lift for a moment.

    I think we all mellow with age, thank freaking God!

  2. That's tough to argue with.

  3. Maybe I'll whip out something lowcut when my husband is feeling bitchy and see if it cures him, lol.

  4. With all the pictures your posting we are all happy, happy men. ;-)

  5. Ahhh! The REAL Evil twins. I bet you win/defuse a lot of arguments!

  6. Who wouldn't love the girls !

  7. Who could argue with those twins!LOL!

  8. I guess when the fog comes, it is good to bring out the "spot lights". Looking good as always!

  9. lol. i wish i had them... it would be so much easier to win an arguement... now i have to get bucknaked and bend over... that normally works. lol.

    ps. i linked ya in my blog post :-)

    Hope the blahs end soon for ya... :-)

  10. Yep...I can understand this...all of this. And yes,I also agree that they do help!

  11. Ha ha... that would make any man happy! Evil Twin is one lucky lucky man.. we.. well we only tiny bit lucky...

  12. yep.. i totally agree.. ETW must be a very happy man :D

  13. Postscript to Sarah--I just saw your comment, and think it's freakin' hilarious.

  14. I so love the freckles!

    The Husband is not as easily distarcted by them as he used to, because I have over-used that particular tactic! ;)

  15. What a nice unexpected pleasure! Thanks for brightening my day.

    I agree with Ron, all us men are happy today!

  16. How he EVER argued with those is beyond me!

    I'm off to Doc's place!

  17. Scott - Yes, I'm grateful for the mellow!:-)

    Dave - And that's not even my best feature! ;-)

    Mrs. D - Couldn't hurt any. LOL.

    Ron - You flatter me!

    Brian - We don't argue much anymore, but I certainly don't win many.

    Robbie - Thank you, darling!

    Chandra - I'd like to think they have some play, but they really don't. LOL.

    Warren - Maybe it'll clear my cobwebs, too.

    Sarah - You are hilarious!!! I love it!

    Joker - They can soothe a very horny 50 yr old man's soul. LOL.

    Zack - Another one for your file, right? You're lucky! Hee hee.

    BillieJ - I hope he thinks so too.

    Ron - Thanks!

    Dish - Same here. I just wanted to semi-flash you all.

    Al - You are too sweet!

    RLL - I only grew these after the kids. They are MINE, but before kids, I just had mosquito bites.

  18. I bet you woke up a lot of lurkers with that picture. A pic of boobs get comments, a pic of anything else gets crickets......

  19. Comment for "The Dish"...this tactic cannot, ever, under any circumstance be over-used! It needs to be used more. You ladies have the equipment and the power to win any argument.

    But the dirty little secret is that we men love it!

  20. I'd be starting arguements, just so that you would deploy the twins.

    Those two poor, abused buttons, maybe you should have given them time off like you did the other three . . .