Thursday, March 8, 2007

I've HAD It!

MySpace is totally pissing me off lately. Error messages left and right. I blog there too, although I admit to sometimes just copying what I've written here and pasting it there.

Anyway, it's nearly 10:30 pm and I'm up, doing laundry (STILL) and trying to reply to a few friends on MySpace while my brain is still functioning (i.e. before I drink too much wine and my fingers can't type the words anymore). Today is the Evil Twin's Friday - which basically means he works 4 ten hour days and has Friday off, so our weekend starts early. Of course, the Evil Twin only drinks on the rarest of occasions. We're going to visit some good friends Saturday evening and I'm sure he'll hoist a few there.

We've got this little parakeet named Apple. He's a cute little dude, but he requires a lot of care. So, I'm doing laundry, I had to clean up the kitchen (again, because it's a never ending battle), clean Apple's water, food and cage, change the newspaper lining (about the only thing our local newspaper is good for, aside from the crossword puzzle), clean the den area so I could actually walk through without tripping on baby toys, do my injection, and watch 2 of the 3 shows I watch on a regular basis - two of them just happened to be on tonight, in the same time slot. So I watched one, DVRd the other, then watched American Idol (in only 25 minutes, by fast forwarding thru most of it) after Survivor went off.

My mother in law and her husband popped by for a (scheduled) visit this evening. I love them (her), but it always drains me. Shockingly, MIL's husband sat on my couch and sawed logs while MIL played with the children. And chatted on about the latest sick person at their church. We always get the latest updates on who is sick and/or dying or who is pregnant and unwed from their church. It's a running theme. If I really took the time to really sit down and articulate all this for my seemingly 4 and falling readers, it could possibly rival Jeff Kay's antics with his in-laws.

I'm off to fold laundry. Have a great evening!


  1. ETW,

    Your evening sounds suspiciously similar to many of ours.

    The Evil Twin gets to work four 10s? I'm jealous. I think that would be a great work schedule. I changed one of the departments that I was responsible for to that schedule and they all loved me for it. Who wouldn't love three days off?

    I see that you like crosswords...have you ever tried the evil and addictive game Soduku? I've got a post about it on my blog from earlier in the month.

  2. Well, he has had that schedule for many years, but his department is changing - probably this summer - and won't allow flex time anymore, so he'll be back to 5 8s (which is nice for family dinners together).

    I have tried Sudoku, but I'm sucky at numbers, so I don't fare so well on that one. LOL.

  3. I haven't had any in-laws since 1989. The only problem with that is my mom is closer to the loving wife than she is to me. She always takes Laura's side when we have disagreements.

  4. Gah. Myspace! At least it's not just me - that's why I barely go there anymore. Being stuck in the middle of nowhere with a 56k modem doesn't exactly help either, but you know.

    Hope all is going well with you - and I hope that you all avoid this weird flu-like thing that's going around. It's currently sucking pretty hard.

  5. I've browsed a cuppa two tree Myspaces. Bleah, mostly. Glad you're here.