Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Love Playing Catch Up

I don't get much other than housework done on weekends and other "fun" type errands and then, we had the Monday holiday and kids off on Tuesday as well, so I just ended up doing none of my "business" type errands for four days. 

That puts me in a bind for the rest of the week and that means today will be a busy, busy, busy one. 

I did call around to try to find a new family physician for myself and the Evil Twin yesterday morning...Found a good one and we both have appointments coming up relatively soon, so that's one thing that can be ticked off the old "to do" list! 

I get to wake up the Evil Twin in a few to get his breakfast going, then I'm out the door to see how much I can get accomplished before it's time to pick up Sissy from school. 

Too much to do and too little time to do I'm off. 

Happy Wednesday, hooligans! 


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