Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Having a Moment...

Hey, kittens. I know I didn't write anything yesterday, but that's the breaks. 

I knew the kids had Monday off school for the Columbus Day holiday, but didn't realize until I was picking up Sissy on Friday that Tuesday was also a day off - for teacher inservice or parent teacher conferences or something like that. 

It's fine, I just didn't know it until the last minute (for me...my routine oriented self didn't have "Tuesday Off" in my my brain). 

So, we've had a long weekend here and I do enjoy a bit of a break. It does mess with ETW's internal scheduler. I'm fairly flexible, though, and so I just shuffled some things from Monday to Tuesday and some Tuesday things to Wednesday. 

We had a busier than usual weekend here...I think I've mentioned before that Sissy is on a bumper bowling league that meets on Saturday mornings (I'll get more into this in time). We always have a great time and this past Saturday was no exception. 

I don't want to brag - and it's probably a fluke - but I think Sissy bowled her best games ever! As long as she is having fun, though, I really don't care what her overall score is. What does bother me is when she gets frustrated and says "I'm no good at this!". She is good. She's a super-duper-wuper beginner, though and everyone has to start somewhere. 

I just keep encouraging her to get out there, do her best, have fun and learn as she goes. I hope it's rubbing off on her. 

Then, on Sunday, her BFF Honey Bee (that's not her name, but that's what I'll call her here), who is also the only other girl on her bowling league, had invited her to go along to this farm festival thing nearby. It has a corn maze and pumpkin patch and hay rides. The usual Fall activity suspects. The girls had fun...but, while they were out doing Fall Fun activities, Buddy and I met up with my aunt and cousin who live in Lewisburg for a late lunch. 

They were in town to see the Doobie Brothers concert at the Clay Center on Sunday evening and had driven into town, reserved a hotel room near the Clay Center and thought meeting us would be a great way to spend some time Sunday before checking into their room and getting ready for the concert. It was amazing to see them - and I mean that 10000%. I love them dearly and ALWAYS relish the opportunity to spend time with them both. 

I have always loved them, all my life, but especially now, it reminds me of how blessed I am to have such a large extended family - both the family I grew up with and my biological family, too. 

As my wise Aunt said, I will always be okay and taken care of, even if the hilljacks on the Evil Twin's side of the family have lost their minds. I know she's right. She always has been! 

Anyhoodle, I guess thinking about all that and some other things that have affected my heart (in a good way) these past 4 days or so have me in a pensive state. I'll try to flesh this all out later this week or next, but I like to mull things over for a while. It's all good, y'all, so don't fret. It's always just a process with my nutty brain and add in the chaos of unexpected days off, schedule shuffling and on top of all that, overcast and gloomy weather....well...I'm just gonna need a moment here. 

Talk among yourselves.

And have a lovely Tuesday, hooligans! 

Much love,

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