Friday, October 25, 2013

Wrastlin' a Bear

Well, almost....

I guess I should start by letting my hooligans know that we adopted a puppy back in February 2013. She's a Chihuahua-mix, who I found online. She was at a no kill shelter near Cincinnati, OH....I drove three hours there and three hours home for this little sweetie-kins.

We named her Pip, like the small, white dots on a Domino.

The shelter said she was about 11-12 weeks old when I adopted her, so to the best of my deductive reasoning skills, she was born most likely in mid to late November, which would mean she is coming up on her one year birthday. 

She likes to lounge.

This morning, like every morning, I put her on her tie out right outside our backdoor for her to "do her numbers" and so I can pop back inside and fill her bowl of food and water and do the same for the cat. 

We have an interesting set up.
So, she starts barking. She almost never barks, so I'm thinking there's a deer or some other rodent out there she can see. I let her back in and shut the door. But, she goes back to the door and continues to bark. 

Finally, I look out and see the neighbor's large Golden Retriever standing there, just wagging his tail and looking like his goofy self. 

Buddy is about the same age as Pip, but Pip is "snack sized". Buddy is up to my hip when he's not jumping up on me and he outweighs me by easily 30 or 40 pounds. 

This is not the size animal I am used to dealing with here, but I knew his dad would be worried sick about him going missing, so I grabbed his collar and we kind of both half dragged each other down our driveway and into the next door neighbor's driveway. 

I could see my neighbor in his kitchen window, so I just started waving my arms like a lunatic. We were close enough to the front he could see who I was and he came out. He said he had stood outside and hollared for Buddy until he just got so cold, he popped back into his house to get some coffee and then get ready to go out searching again. 

Luckily, Buddy only made it to our backyard and not the very busy street just below us. That dog nearly killed me as I tried to contain him somewhat and keep him from jumping up on me (he just wanted to play...he's a total sweetheart, just a VERY LARGE sweetheart). 

I got back home so I could get my own coffee and wake up the kids for school, but first, I had to change clothes. I was filthy and sweaty. Pip had taken a dump in the hallway. 

I had a great morning, hooligans. How 'bout YOU? Enjoy your Friday. I think I'm going for a nap. 



  1. At least with Pip, the dumps are snack sized too. ;)

    1. True...disgustingly enough, she's the one who snacks on them. Just sometimes. Still nasty!

  2. EW. I had a dog who snacked on them, especially in the winter when there was snow. Mom called them "Kippy's frozen treats."