Monday, October 28, 2013

It Burns! It Burns!

My candle, that is... burning from both ends these days and I'll tell you what else is burning (out) and that's ME. 

For months, I have been the sole caretaker and caregiver of the family....the kids and the Evil Twin. 

So, what happens when the caretaker needs some care? She's up shit creek without a paddle, hooligans. That's what. 

The Evil Twin and I are switching to a new Primary Care Physician and I had my appointment with her last week. His appointment is today. 

Anyway, we discussed many many issues and we both agreed that it would probably really benefit me to go back on a medication I had taken in the past, but weened off it when I was feeling better. But, the stress has returned and is larger than any I've experienced.

However, this medication takes a while to work into the system. I remember last time I was on it, it messed with my stomach a bit at first and added to my exhaustion. At first. 

So, when I didn't sleep well on Saturday night and woke up Sunday with a headache, stomachache and out of control anxiety, I thought of the new med immediately. It's okay, I know it will get better, it's just riding it out the first week or so that is the suck. 

Feeling like crap on a cracker, I decided to make Sunday my "do nothing" day. I haven't had one in so long, it felt strange. 

I just grabbed a fuzzy blanket and hit the couch, where I snoozed off and on until Sissy woke up, then it was time for me to wake up the Evil Twin for his "breakfast". After I got those 2 situated, I hit the couch again. More snoozing, more "no doing"....I did play a few games of Candy Crush and when I got tired of that, I took another nap. 

I didn't dwell on anything troubling on my mind....I only briefly reflected on my upcoming weeks' worth of activities (I'm a planner, yo). But, mostly, I just relaxed. 

Because my stomach was feeling hinky, I didn't even have breakfast. I did have one cup of coffee and then ate eight Milk Duds (the Halloween boxes typically hold four duds each and I helped myself to 2 boxes). 

The rest of the day, I enjoyed my ice water, checked facebook a little, read a few articles online, played some more Candy Crush.

I'm starting to think it's not just the new meds. I think it might be some sort of stomach bug because I'm still feeling like garbage. 

So, enjoy your Monday, hooligans. I'll be on the couch if you need me (but try to not need me, okay?). 


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  1. have been through the wringer lately. I hope you can take a few more of those "me" days in the near future. I need a few of them as well.