Monday, July 11, 2011

Miss Me?

Probably not, but I'm back from "vacation". We didn't go anywhere. We just stayed home and tried to get some of the random household/yard stuff shored up. I didn't make as much progress as I had hoped, but ya know what? Even a vacation that doesn't have a destination deserves some extra down time.

The Evil Twin did quite a bit of yard work. And, he also got a nasty case of poison ivy. It's driving him bug freaking bananas. There is a local pharmacy where the main pharmacist has his own concoction of poison ivy remedy. I'll swing by there today to get some of that and maybe some calamine lotion, just for back up. One can never have too many remedies in the medicine cabinet, right?

Also, in Evil Twin news, he finally finished the design for my fifth tattoo. I'm thrilled with the final design and can't wait to get back in the chair for more pain and suffering. I'll take pics when it's permanently inked onto my flesh. LOL.(Hopefully soon!)

I have a million things I want to do today - most likely, I will not get to everything. I'm not exactly an early bird type person, know what I mean?

I hope all my hooligans rock this Monday like no one's business! :-)



  1. Welcome back from staycation! Hope the Evil Twin gets some relief and doesn't scratch the skin off his body ;-)

  2. I missed you! I'm glad to hear you had a fruitful vacation and can't wait to see the new ink.

  3. I can honestly say I missed you.. I knew you were around the house and was wondering why the heck you weren't updating.. haha... but glad that tat's done.. where is it gonna be and when can we expect pics??? he he...

  4. Welcome back..and I must say that I missed this whole blog thingy!

    I assume you will show us pictures once it is all done, right?

  5. i want to see the new tat!

    its a pic of me, isnt it?