Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I Keep Waiting to Exhale

This has been a very busy year - and summer, in particular - for me. I guess when the kids are 8 years apart in age, I should expect to be pulled in a million directions.

I wouldn't trade it for the world, but I'd enjoy a small break here and there.

The Evil Twin really helped me out over the weekend. One morning, he took the oh-so-early-riser Sissy downstairs to watch a movie and I was able to sort through an amazing pile of paperwork that had been looming in my "office" area forever. By "office" area, I mean a metal mesh basket and a random pile of ??? that hangs out under the coffee table.

It's kind of the Island of Misfits, only it's wayward mail I haven't had a second to deal with during the week.

Most of it gets thrown in the round file. I am no hippie - not even remotely close - but I am still astounded by how much paper waste there is in catalogs, organizations soliciting donations (??), magazines, newspapers...whatever. When I need to know something, I get online and find the information or a phone number and there ya go.

Things - monetarily - are going from bad to worse. The Evil Twin and I will be chucking our Netflix membership at the end of August. Their new pricing policies just don't add up. Besides, we have more DVDs than most rental stores, so I doubt we'll get bored any time soon. Plus, we save money and paper waste.

Buddy is getting braces in a couple of weeks and we need to change our spending habits.

No big deal, really. We've tightened our belts before and lived to tell about it, so we can do it again! :-)I actually love a challenge like this.

I hope all my hooligans are having a good Tuesday and a great week so far! I'll catch ya tomorrow. :-)



  1. Nothing like a 10,000 dollar smile...or something. Cheers!!


  2. The joys of dental work... good luck with that ;-)

  3. summer is crazy here too. my son has so many summer activities and friends in and out that im going crazy...

  4. Good for you for keeping on top of it all! Or at least beside it.

    But not under.

  5. Both my kids are going to need braces. I better start saving now :/

  6. Good luck with the budget renovation! I look forward to reading about your cost saving ideas!