Friday, July 1, 2011


Today marks the first day of vacation for the Evil Twin. He's off all next week as well. Should be good times. (NOT).

Of course, we're not going anywhere. No $$$ for traveling this summer, so the Evil Twin is doing some yard and house maintenance that we've put off too long. I'll be doing my usual routine.

Since this is the first day, we're taking it kinda easy. We still have all day for work and stuff.

In the meantime, I've been trying to unfollow some now defunct blogs on my Blogger Dashboard. I go and it seems pretty straight forward, I THINK I delete it, but there it is, still in my list. They won't go away! Any helpful tips? I guess I could research it later on, too.

For now, I need to get the day underway!

Happy Friday, hooligans!



  1. Well since you're around the house vacationing how about some boob shots to kill time? Your readers would be delighted... Enjoy your time off... I wish I was techi... but can't help you there with them interwebs questions..

  2. Vacation at home?....Poor girl!!!..;-)

    As for defunct blogs...I have no idea how many blog-guises I've had...I must be at least quadrophenic by now....

    Anyroad...this one is my last...probably...;-)

    Have a good'n Glam!

    4D x

  3. Sometimes staycations are the best. I tell myself that, since we have no $$$ for a real one

    I have tried to get rid of some in my blogroll too, but I have the same problem you did. The last time, I deleted the whole thing, and then put it back several years later.

  4. Most of the blogs on my blogroll are defunct, or nearly so...

    Can't help on the following thing, as that was the point at which I because a Luddite and refused to participate. I old-school click around. :)

  5. Have a good weekend.

    I'm not sure about deleting blogs. I think you have to go to the follower area on their blogs and click unfollow from there.

  6. do you mean google reader?

    i found that, even if take them out of my reader, they would pop back in. i had to go to blogger, and manage my subscriptions, take them out there, and THEN unfollow in google reader to get them gone for good....

  7. it takes a couple of hours to fully delete them after you hit delete. have a fun weekend.