Friday, July 15, 2011

Yes! New Ink

I know I'm a sucker for pain and punishment, so I went in Wednesday evening for my 5th tattoo. The Evil Twin designed this one for me, so it's extra special.

Hell, who am I kidding? They're all special. They all have a reason and meaning.

This picture was taken by our 5 year old daughter, so it's not the best quality - add in that this was taken the morning after I had it seared into my flesh and is not quite fully healed up yet, so what ya gonna do?

So, now you know my childrens' initials and birthdates. Please don't stalk me or them for that. The Evil Twin has fire arms and assorted other things to keep his family safe, so if I were a stalker, I'd cross this family off my list of stalkees. I'm just sayin'. Most people would prefer a case of the clap rather than having the Evil Twin go off on their ass.

Disclaimer finished.

The top line represents the January birthstone of Garnet. The second line represents the February birthstone of Amethyst. The lines in themselves represent the zodiac sign of Aquarius. The kids are 8 years apart, but only 2 weeks apart in birthdays, so they both fall under the Aquarian sign. There ya go.

Well, I need to hit up the Tar-zhay for a few items, so I'm outta this joint.

Have a happy Friday and a wonderful weekend, my li'l hooligans.



  1. LOVE it!

    I espicailly love that it has meaning!

  2. Nice ink, I like the birthstone reference. And a pretty good pic by the girl.

  3. No stalking?!??? Fine.... grumble...

  4. I Likey!!!

    Very good pic considering...
    well..better than I'd do...which may not be that much of a compliment...;-)

    4D x

  5. I think it looks great. What a nice design.

  6. Simple and meaningful? Perfect!

  7. All the meaning behind your new art is pretty potent stuff. Kinda cool that both your kids have "V" for a middle initial too.