Monday, February 11, 2008

I Hate Titles!

Seriously, sometimes it takes me longer to come up with a title than to knock out my blog blatherings.

I had to take both kids to their well child check-ups this afternoon. They are both on target for height and weight. Poor Sissy had to get a finger stick (I can't even remember why they needed it, but said they'd call with the results next week, so I'll find out then). The finger stick was really just the icing on the cake for her, as she'd been screaming bloody murder since the moment we walked into the exam room. She sees that crunchy exam table paper and just freaks out.

Buddy was given a prescription for Albuterol and we got a handy rental nebulizer, since he was still sounding wheezy from last week's creeping crud. The doctor told me lots of kids had the same thing and they were apparently prescribing the Albuterol on a regular basis.

I need to make a follow up appointment for next week, so she can see if the breathing treatments are helping Buddy and also, he needs a hep something or other vaccine. She was going to do it today, but - I guess upon sensing the tension on my face - decided to let it wait until the follow up. So, now he's got a whole week to whine about it and make my life miserable.

As we left the office, we had to walk past several parked cars and on one truck, I saw this:

Yep, truck nutz. I hoped neither kid would espy the display. Well, actually, Sissy would have no clue and Buddy would probably have just laughed. Maybe I should have pointed them out!

I have no clue why hanging rubberized balls on your truck hitch seems like such a wonderful idea.

All I know is it looked exactly like the type of truck you'd see during deer season, hauling a deer carcass in the bed with a wad of rags stuffed up its' butt.

I am a terribly disgusting person, but even I can't stomach that sort of thing.

On a positive note, my hubby arrived home this evening wearing his wedding band after having outgrown it (ahem) about 2 and a half years ago. He's my big beefy burrito (no recipe for that, sorry gals!). Ppppthhhhpppp! And one more PS. TIFF - NO, I am not pregnant!!! The Evil Twin's nutsack got snipped a couple of years ago, a few months after Sissy was born. Hee hee.


  1. Attractive picture...I'm so glad that hubby doesn't have a truck to adorn. Do truck owners in OTHER states provide their vehicles with genitals?

  2. Ummm... I have never seen genitals on a truck and really hope I don't ever see them.

  3. I don't get the truck nuts, either. I guess if you don't have 'em to begin with, you can just install a pair on your vehicle. Who knows?

    Kudos to Evil Twin! Both for the weight loss and the "big V." I couldn't get my hubby to even consider the snip-snip.

  4. Rebecca, he didn't lose weight, he had the ring re-sized. LOL. I told the Evil Twin after everything I had been through (infertility poking and prodding, 2 c/sections and one c/s like ectopic) that I was not being cut on again.

  5. Unfortunately, here in Oklahoma the truck nut thing seems to be catching on. From what I figure, it gives you the right to drive like a jackass. I guess if you are bold enough to display 'em you must be someone not to be toyed with, I really miss TEXAS.

  6. Correction: You are not a "terribly disgusting person"; you are wonderfully disgusting! ;)

    I so would've pointed those truck nuts out to Sugar Bear. Even when she was little. When she was about Buddy's age, we were at Kroger's one Saturday and there were two food tester people sat up side by side in the dairy section. She pointed at them, nudged me, and said, "Look, Aunt BB, testies!" XD

  7. PS: You should serenade TET with a song to go with his nickname. "Beef Burrito" to the tune of Fear's "Beef Bologna". Yep. I think that's a Valentine's worth more than anything the stores sell.

  8. My opinion is that anyone who has to display truck balls is indicating that he has none that the Good Lord gave him. But that's just a theory.

  9. I am trying to envision a BIG truck going down the road w/ NUTZ flailing in the wind...very humoroous picture. I must try to find those for my son's HD truck.

  10. There must be some way of comparing the truck decoration with the snippedness of the Evil Twin... nah, we won't go there.

    They're not *common* up here (too damn cold, perhaps they've all just shrunk up to the underside of the truck bed) but they're not uncommon enough.

  11. Truck nutz. Holee smokes.

    Not pregnant. Shoot. I was hoping....and you do know that vasectomies can reverse themselves, right????

  12. They say that men with little dinkies have big truckies. Perhaps the guy who's truck was sporting these had no nuts as well?
    Maybe his wife keeps them for him...

  13. And now I'm stuck with "Beef Bologna" in my head all day.

    Only it's I keep singing it about you and TET:


    She don't like fashions, she don't like phonies
    She don't like junkies, she don't like druggies
    She just wants her beef burrito

    Beef, beef, beef, beef burrito [x4]

    She don't like salami, she don't want pastrami
    She don't want a chicken, she don't want a roast
    She just wants her double dose of her

    Beef, beef, beef, beef burrito [x3]

    Somewhere, I hope that makes Lee Ving smile :)