Friday, February 8, 2008

Buggin' Out

Every morning, Monday through Friday, I lovingly pack the Evil Twin's lunch. Sometimes, I must pack a lunch for Buddy - from time to time something he despises pops up on the school menu.

I get a break on the Evil Twin's lunch one day a week, when he and his co-workers go to a local Chinese Buffet place. Apparently, this place has had a couple, two, tree health code violations and there have been two sightings by the Evil Twin and his co horts of bug. They now call the restaurant Bug Tin.

Honestly, the one bug was found by a co-workers son or someone and it was on a plate. The Evil Twin found a dead bug in his napkin once, but they all say the food is good and appears to be a clean establishment, plus they like the owner.

Whatever, it gets me off the hook for making his lunch one day a week. Honestly, I could make lunches with my eyes closed - I've done it soooo many times now. And, I know precisely what the Evil Twin wants and can guess what Buddy will want. But, I still kind of like getting a pass one day.

So far, every time the Evil Twin has gone to the Bug Tin, he has come home healthy. Phew.

But, now, when the office folks decide what day they're going to go, the ET will tell me, "I don't need a lunch on Thursday, we're buggin' it." So, "Buggin'" has become the office code word for eating at the chinese place. After each time, though, one person (usually one of the photographers) says, "Okay, that's the LAST time I'm going." (referring to the fact he feels he over ate).

I've met the office dudes up there a time or two, but unless I'm super hungry, buffets aren't really appealing to me. I feel like I've got to eat $X amount of food or more to make it worth it. I mean, I could go by Wendy's and hit the dollar menu for a mere $1.05 (after tax) for a bowl of chili or a sandwich.

I'm cheap like that. Plus, I like knowing my food hasn't been in contact with bugs.


  1. UGH!! I love chinese, but I'm with you - although they are "eat all you want" I figure I can never get my money's worth. And NO bugs please!

  2. Have I mentioned recently how much I enjoy reading your blog? You are such a natural writer and have an amazing way of making readers feel like they're listening to you tell a story in person.

  3. EW!!! EW!!!! EW!!!!!

    I know which restaurant you're talking about, and now I'm really bummed because they have awesome food! I've only ever gotten takeout, but if there's bugs around the buffet, there are probably bugs in the kitchen, too.


    I know the owners, too. They're cool people.

  4. I look at it like this, Bugs are full of protein. If the food is good whats a little bug between friends. And really anyplace you go something you really don't want to know about is going on so it's easier to just not care :)

  5. Sweetie, I hate to do this to you but Wendy's?..... Yeah, I worked there for a year during my teen years. It's a roach motel. It was back when they had a salad bar and I'd drown all the roaches with PAM (the spray grease). Not only that, but the chili is made with all the nasty hamburgers that either fell in the floor or fell apart because they were on the grill too long. There's a "meat bucket" under the grill for just that purpose. I've chopped slop burger for the chili so so so so many times.
    I tell you this so you can make an informed desicion. I still eat there if that helps. I even eat the chili!
    I think I know the Bug Tin you're talking about. I used to work on Poplar Fork Rd until last year. We ate there all the time. It is yummy.
    If you run onto that dishcloth patttern I'll make it for one of my February "Thing-a-days"
    What was I thinking when I signed up for that challenge? LOL Only 21 more!

  6. Oh, Oh, OH! I love this story!

    This is going to have to make me do my Florida roach stories. Yay!

    BTW, I still remember the story about TET getting a burger from McD's that had a long hair pressed into the hamburger patty. I can't believe he goes back to Bug Tin. Then again, there was a time when he liked that Chinese place on the East End and that was always sort of dodgy.

  7. Thanks for the linky! I'm half way through the pattern! I'll prolly get it posted tonight!

  8. I adore the chinese buffet we go to.

    But I have a rule for that restaurant - only allowed once a month.

    That way, I CAN eat my $$ worth on the buffet. Heck - what would life be if you didn't eat chinese food until you were gonna bust every once in a while :)

    I couldn't imagine once a week, though.

  9. I too love days when I don't have to pack the lunches. My husband and I made a deal whereby I get to sleep a little later if I make his lunch the night before. But I still love when I don't have to pack the lunch at all and get to sleep in.