Monday, February 4, 2008

Too Much Excitement!

Okay, I called Roto Rooter this afternoon and originally, someone was going to stop by after three pm. So, when there was a guy I didn't know at my door, I assumed he was the RR dude. No, apparently, he was looking at the house across the street that is on the market, but wanted me to know that there was not just one, but two areas at the bottom of my driveway leaking gas. Fun times.

I called the gas company and was told they'd send someone out. A few minutes later, the St. Albans Fire Department came up with a truck! I asked Buddy to keep an eye on his little sister while I went to go talk to the firemen. They were very nice and said they had communicated with the gas company also and they were sending a crew up shortly.

I asked if I could go back in the house to be with my kids or did they need me for anything outside, and they said I could go on inside. I watched and they stayed there until the gas company people arrived.

The good news is it's not our line and it's not going to affect our service. The bad news is they're going to jackhammer up the bottom of our driveway to fix it. Then, they'll fill it with gravel for a few months before they can get a crew out to re-pour the bottom of our drive. (Silver lining: a partially new driveway not at my expense).

Meanwhile, Roto Rooter called and asked if I'd be home in the morning and I will be, so they're sending someone out tomorrow morning. Fine with me, but who knows if they'll be able to get up my driveway! It's always something, isn't it?

I'll need to get to WalMart at some point tomorrow. Seriously. I put it off today cause it was so rainy and overcast, but yet warm. I told the Evil Twin I didn't want to end up looking like this at the end of the day:


  1. Yay for the nice potential new neighbor. It's nice to know there are still thoughtful folks who will go out of their way to warn someone when they see a problem.

    Can't wait to hear about Roto-Rooter! I noticed today I have a drip in a line that's almost always clogged one way or another. Been managing it with Drano, but it may just be time to mess with a plumber. With a gunk cam :)

  2. PS: LMAO at Spector's do. You could never look like that. Not even with the assistance of Industrial Light & Magic. LOL

  3. No one could "intentionally" look like psycho Spector. Run like the wind, if necessary to make sure this doesn't happen...LOL

  4. It's a good thing that someone was checking the house out across the street. Gas leaks scare the crap out of me and I hate having natural gas.

    Well...not ALL natural gas. Only the kind that doesn't come out of one of my orifices.

  5. That guy will be good to have around, so let's hope he buys the house!!

  6. Yeah my gas leak from last year had me without heat for almost 2 weeks in the winter and cost me about $3500.00 to fix. Either that of freeze to death...